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These are dogs that I'm working with right now meaning I'm running them in the wild or some may still be in the training pen. It usually doesn't take long for any dog on this page to be ready to go but every dog is different & some take longer than others.

****These dogs are NOT for sale yet & are NOT available for a deposit.

I just wanted people to have an idea of what was fixing to be available so you will know what they look like, what litter is coming up for sale, males & females, etc

****I may keep something that is on this page for myself from time to time.

***I try very hard to be totally accurate in the info on here but I am human & I could make a mistake. If I find a mistake I will correct it as soon as I find that out.

Dogs Coming Soon

Brandy Red & White Male

Pride Blue-tick Female #2

Pride Blue-tick Female #3

Pride Blue-tick Male

Lulu Red & White Female

Stella Red-tick Female #1

Josie Red-tick Female

Josie Red-tick Male

Atlanta Male #1

Atlanta Male #2

Atlanta Male #3

Atlanta Female 

Briar Red-tick Female

True Male 

Briar Red-tick Male #1 

(This male will most likely be kept by BOF)

Briar Red-tick Male #2 

Sweetie Pie Red Male 

Sweetie Pie Red Female 

Sweetie Pie Red-tick Male 

Sweetie Pie Lemon & White Male 

Ginger Red-tick Male 

Ginger Red-tick Female 

Lemi Red & White Female 

Lemi Lemon & White Female #1