Update On Rose Pups 10/21/13


Click on the pic to see them in action

These pups are NOT ready yet but they are doing very well considering they just turned 4 months old today. Rose pups were born on 6/21/13. 

I've been working with them in the wild for about a week now & they are getting better each time out. They are hunting harder each time I take them out but they still need to improve in the areas of getting better at packing up, getting used to the shock collar as far as coming all the way to my feet when called to load up, & staying all the time in the races. I'm not disappointed at all with this litter. They are way ahead of schedule because I usually wait to start dogs when they turn 4 months old & these are going ahead of that.

It won't take long. I expect these pups to be ready the first or second week of November so get ready if you're interested in these because I don't think they'll last long.

There are 8 in the litter (1 female & 7 males). 

****Update on other upcoming litters:

Maggie & Peyton's pups are in the starting pen now & will be taken out as soon as Rose's pups are ready to sell. I've only had these pups in the starting pen for a week but I'm already hearing a good amount of races each night & they all have noses that are getting beat up from having their noses on the ground searching.

When they come out of the pen Dee's pups will go in & another litter will be on it's way to becoming rabbit dogs.

***Peggy is due to have pups next week & is looking huge with a belly about to drag the ground.

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