Available For Deposit

***This will be used far less as a means of getting dogs in the future. 

I have had a big demand for a deposit system that would allow dogs to be reserved before they are ready. I have put a lot of thought into this & have come up with what I hope will help some folks to be able to know they are going to get their hands on a good young started dog.

I am going to see how this works & I will then decide how often I will use this deposit system.

****I have tried the deposit system now for 2 seasons now & while it has worked for a good bit of people, it's not exactly all that great for me. Here's why: 

I work very hard to get dogs running as soon as is possible. Once they are where they need to be I need them picked up but it seems that some folks aren't in any hurry to get their dogs which simply backs me up on training other dogs. I know it's not always easy to come right away & get them but I also know that when I sell dogs without a deposit it becomes a lot more important to people to get here & get dogs. I can only run a certain amount of dogs at a time so it is critical that once the dogs are ready I get them gone & move to other young dogs to run.

For this reason there will only be a few dogs each year sold on the deposit program. 

Here's the way it will work:

* The deposits are nonrefundable unless:

 I don't get the dog you reserve going by the time it is 6 months old. ( We normally have them going at 4-5 months old. ) 

The dog dies or has serious health issues prior to being picked up.

* You will be contacted when the dog is ready to show in the wild. You must have the dog picked up or shipped to you & balance paid within 7 days of being called or emailed or the dog will be put up for sale on the started dog page & your deposit will be forfeited. I will leave you a voicemail or an email but it is your responsibility to communicate back to me within the 7 days.

I can't keep dogs here & continue to run them for free & I have a limited amount of space so I can't hold dogs for any extended amount of time. It holds up the progress of the other dogs that I have to get going.

* The deposit is not transferable to another dog. 

* There's a deposit limit of 2 dogs per litter per person. This is simply to allow more people an opportunity to get a dog.

* The deposit is for a specific dog not a choice between dogs.

* Deposits will only be taken for dogs that are on this page. 

* No dogs will leave here as pups until they are started & running in the wild.

How to put a deposit on a dog:

Call me & we will do a credit to debit card over the phone. I won't take an open ended deposit. It must be for a specific dog that is on this page. I can't make it an automated feature on here because I don't want multiple people putting a deposit on the same dog.

****Scroll down & check out the dogs that are available. There may be some that are available that are further down than others. I update this page very often to keep it as current as possible.

If you wish to receive text alerts announcing new dogs for sale, etc. sign up below & you'll receive a text announcing new dogs for sale or deposit as soon as they are posted on the website but act fast once you get the text because they usually don't last long.

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Available For Deposit

Price of dogs $700   Deposit required - $200

****I’ll have some dogs up for deposit probably in May - July. It will only be about 25 dogs for 2018 that I’ll do a deposit on. Text alerts will be sent out once the dogs are available for deposit.



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