I met David through a classified ad in the Commercial Appeal in December of 2008. I was one of those guys that David talks about who has lost hundreds of dollars by buying the advertised "best jump dog I've ever had". I would buy or trade for these dogs, and be so frustrated that I would end up giving away what I had bought, and then make the same bad mistake again. Let me tell you when I found David and Beagles on Fire, the worries of having a good hunting dog went away. When I contacted David, he was ready to start showing Nilla, and I couldn't wait to get to see her in the field. Within a few minutes Nilla was busting the briars at 4 months old with the older dogs, and not missing a beat. I love it now when I am hunting with friends, and they mention my great hunting dog. I wish I had a picture of the expression on their face when I tell them she's only a puppy at 5 months old and hasn't even reached her full potential yet.  I was so impressed with Nilla, that I was back within a month to purchase Kate, another briar buster, and plan on continuing to add to my pack.


My thing is that I work plenty of hours every week, and when it's time to hunt, I want to have a dog that is ready to go. I can promise you that if you leave the breeding and training to David, you won't be disappointed. I will always lean toward the side of quality when making a purchase, because I can tell you from experience that if you cheat quality, you'll pay twice the amount you saved in the end. With that said, my dogs will always come from David Wring and Beagles on Fire.

Herron Yarbrough


 Alway's Hunting

I started rabbit hunting in Michigan in 1959 at the age of 9 years old.  From that time of my life to this I have been hunting in a lot of places and in different states.  Before I retire from my favorite hobby I would like to inform as many fellow hunters and "Beaglers" as possible of a "Hunter's Dream", so they can come to experience what I have over the last year or so.  Through out my life I have always been in search of a kennel owner that was up front and fair with great beagle hounds that have good blood line qualities.  I have been looking for beagles with the three A's in them: 1.  "Ability" -  Physical Attribute  2.  "Attitude" - Correct Demeanor  3.  "Attendance" - Staying near and dear to the hunter at all times (no deer runners).  

Now my follow sportsman that "always hunting" came to a end for me while reading a Mid-South Hunting Magazine one day at the end of 2008.  From that ad I met a Kennel owner by the name of David Wring.  Something that I noticed is the people that acquired a beagle from David seem to either make friends with him or start hunting with him.  That is because he always deals with people fairly.  

Now as far as his beagles, I have personally been around at least twenty or so of his dogs and I have found that all of them have the three A's I spoke about before.  They also have the color, right speed, and they just look and sound so good running a rabbit.  Now I can go on and on about David Wring and his dog's at "Beagles On Fire" but I will close by saying this:  David may be left handed but when it comes to his beagles he's always gonna treat you right. 

Bernard Alexander

Cordova Tennessee by way of Detroit


I just wanted to send you a message and let you know how our first hunt went today (1/2/2010).  The dogs were exactly as you described.   We had a WONDERFUL hunt.   We didn't get started until about 2 o'clock which of course is a horrible time to go, but in about 10 minutes the dogs jumped a rabbit and quickly circled him for an easy shot on my first swamp rabbit.  We then walked the dogs a couple of hundred yards and let them go again. It took a short while, but Jim jumped a cottontail from its bed (while I was calling him to hurry up and follow us to a "better" spot) and the race was on. It was a sneaky cottontail but they did a really nice job on him and on the 2nd circle, they smoked him out into an open field and upon his return, my dad ended the rabbit's career on a quick shot about 30 yards in front of 3 hot running beagles. 

The last rabbit the dogs ran crossed a slough twice and the dogs had no problem crossing it as well, looping him about 3 times in a stylish manner.   We decided to let him go and call it a day. The previous rabbit was the first my dad had shot in almost 35 years. He shot that rabbit while it was running almost full speed by just throwing the gun up and pulling the trigger, exactly as he had described to me that he had done so many years ago.  This was the first time I had seen that kind of shot in action. I could tell he was enjoying these dogs as much as I was. 

Anyway, I am so very pleased to have gotten these dogs from you. They were more than worth the price and I am hoping for a female from you in the future. I am an extremely difficult person to please, particularly with a dog, but am just overjoyed with these three.  Jim and Jack are in my opinion exceptional dogs, with Levi being a nice dog as well.   I hope to improve him by putting him by himself for a while and forcing him to get more confidence. If they improve with a little hard hunting, I think a rabbit will almost have no chance at all!

Having an opportunity for my son, father, and I to go hunting together with some nice dogs of our own is just a real dream come true for me.  My dad and I look forward to coming up and hunting with you again, and hope you will let me know when you get another young female.  If I like her half as much as these, I will be a happy fellow indeed.

If you ever have someone from my area that is interested in getting some dogs from you, I'd be happy to take them hunting with mine to demonstrate the kind of dogs you have for sale.

Here's a pic of myself and my dad, and my dad and my son Larsen, today after the hunt.

You've made a couple of strangers awful happy!

Thanks again,

Brett Jennings

Shreveport, Louisiana



Hey David! Gretchen (4 months old) is everything you said she would be and then some. She's a good dog now and gonna be a great one. She has jumped several of the rabbits that we've ran and is right in there on every race. Will be looking forward to getting another dog in the near future from you. 


Chuck Smoot and Travis Boren

Holly Springs, Mississippi





At the end of January my friend invited some of us to a rabbit hunt at Snake Creek near Belzoni.  We have been on several good hunts in the past, but none that compare to the one that day.  It was the first time for us to meet David and his Beagles.  The hunt started at 1:00 and they ran until dark.  The dogs worked great!  I think I only shot twice, but that’s o.k., I just loved watching them and listening to them run!  One of the highlights of the afternoon was when we were going back to the camp. We looked back and saw David and the 13 dogs all rallied around him. The hunt was over, he had called them in.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I really enjoyed meeting David and if you haven’t been on one of his hunts I would highly recommend it.

 Bruce Payne

Jackson, MS

I had the pleasure of rabbit hunting with David Wring and his wife, Jennifer, several times in the last year.  David has a great knowledge of rabbits and rabbit dogs.

I became acquainted with his kennels and quite a few of his beagles.  He starts with very good hunting stock and with the right type of dog training, time in the field under different hunting situations is key to producing good dogs.  

Training starts as a pup and continues at a fast pace, spending countless hours with each dog.  The stamina and desire of his dogs was very noticeable as we hunted day-long hunts at Snake Creek Farms in Belzoni, MS, with lots of rabbits.

I hope to be able to hunt with David, Jennifer and the beagles in the future.

Lynn McGee, DDS

West Memphis, AR

Hi I’m Jarvis! David in my opinion is the most honest man you will find when it comes to beagles! 

I purchased a 19 month old male named Willie from him in November 09! He is an outstanding young dog who jumps and burns a rabbit track up!

 All of David's beagles start at a very early age! He has some fine looking beagles that he takes good care of! Im planning on purchasing more dogs from him ASAP! Give him a call you won't be disappointed trust me!!!

Jarvis Moore

Holly Springs, MS.

Took Hank out Saturday he was outstanding.  Never seen a 6 month old perform as well as he did...We hunted Bird Shot Lodge in Shannon MS, killed 7 of the biggest swamp rabbits I've seen in a while.  Hank was always in the race and started one rabbit solo and ran a full circle before the other hounds joined in...

 Great hound so far, he packed well with 5 females and 1 male, great hunt.


 David Russell

Abbeville, MS.

David, just few pics of the cane cutters we killed in front of Hank this past Saturday.. 2/27/2010

  He was in all of the races and led most of them....may have to get some faster dogs to keep up with him!!


 David Russell       



I bought Hank from you in 2009, he was on fire that year.  He has continued to improve to the point that I wouldn't go without him. 

 Last week he went down a hole after a rabbit, before I could catch him he was completely in the hole out of sight.  I was worried about him at first and finally saw his back legs and grabbed him to pull him out.  Took him 100 yards away, put him on the ground, then had to race him back to the hole to keep him from going back in!

 Attached pics are from a hunt last Sat, 1/15/11. Hank was in the lead on 90% of the races.  Taking my pack with Hank down to Charleston this next week.

 Thanks again...

 You may not remember but I told you about my brother in law having cancer and worried about him making the hunt...he was not able to hunt last year 09-10, but last Saturday he harvested 4 of the rabbits in this picture. 

 David Russell

Abbeville, MS.

UPDATE 12/27/11

Torch performed just as most of the young dogs I've received from you in the past.  Took a friend of mine out with me Friday and he couldn't believe that he was only 6 months old!  He packed well with my older dog Hank, and after buying him Friday morning I took him and a few others out.  He joined right in and they brought a cottontail right around to me.  After the shot, he was excited to see the result and quickly started searching for the next one.  Looking forward to watching him develop with the other hounds.  

Thanks again,

David Russell


Hi, my name is Donald Sallee.  In 1952 my dad, Truman Sallee was in a coal mining accident that left him blind in both eyes.  In 1983 he had an eye transplant in Vanderbilt.  Immediately he saw objects.  He had never seen his four kids until now.  In one year he had 20-25 vision.

                Shortly after that we bought some average dogs to rabbit hunt. In 1985 we got in a good bloodline.  From 1985-1997 we were at our best.  In October 1997 my dad passed away.  My brother and I still hunted some, but we were busy with work and other things.  We ended up letting the bloodline run out.

                In the winter of 2009, I put an ad in the paper for some good, solid rabbit dogs.  I had several calls and ran a bunch of dogs, but nothing suited me.  Then I got a call from David Wring. He had seen my ad while visiting his Uncle, Charlie so we talked some on the phone.  The more I talked to him the more I knew he was passionate about having good dogs and really had what I was looking for. 

                My brother and I bought 3 puppies in June 2010.  They were about 3 months old.  It has been a very dry season in Kentucky so these pups only saw 5 rabbits that I caught in a trap.  The first day of hunting season they started running with our other dogs.  On the second day one of the pups jumped her first rabbit. Within 5 days of hunting these 3 pups were in every race and jumping rabbits.

                Now we are getting back to where we were 20 years ago. I have talked to David many times before and after we got the dogs. He is an honest and a straight-shooter.  He is at the top of his game and he knows how to raise better beagles. 

Thanks for the call you made to me last year.

God Bless you,

Donald Sallee

Bremen, KY  


         I know I have already thanked you for being a man of your word over the phone, but figured I better send a picture of the proof being in the pudding!! We could not be any happier with Bourbon {the old pro}, Pretty Boy and Pepper { Little Dynamite}. 

We purchased these three dogs from you on December the 18th with little more than about an hour of seeing Bourbon and Pretty Boy run. {we never even saw Pepper}, but after talking with you on the phone it was just a gut feeling that you were not willing to compromise your word to sell a dog. 

I can honestly say, these three dogs are not anything like you said they were, they’re better!! Actually they are everything you said they were, but we have actually found them to be even better than we thought, partly due to Pepper being so amazing at just 9 months old. The picture I have attached shows our most recent 3 hour outing and taking 6 bunnies. We have taken over thirty rabbits with just these three dogs in 5 outings. We have had deer jump up literally 5 yards in front of the three of them and absolutely no interest. 

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is hunting with these dogs. I only have one problem, I need a couple of more, hope you can help me out!




Keith R. Hayes

Executive Vice President



87 Park Tower Drive

Manchester, Tn. 37355


Ph: 931-461-2302

email: khayes@viammfg.com



Hi David I have not talked to you in a while. I am so pleased with Rebel. He is making one of the best hounds I have ever owned. We already have a litter of pups from him. They are 6 months old and running like old dogs. 

Thank you for your honest way of doing business. It is VERY RARE in this sport. I am interested in a female when you get one. Not in rush; want one to cross with Rebel. 

Thanks again, 

Richard Woodard

Petersburg, TN.

Colonel Littleton


Update: 12/29/11

Hi David! Hope you got the pic of our hunt. It took 8 hours to kill those 10 rabbits. Most of the races lasted about 30-45 minutes. These 3 young men had a blast. Rebel, Midnight, Pete, Angel, & Cindy were in every race. Cindy jumped 6 of the 10. I wish now that I would have bought Mindy also. Cindy is the best dog I have gotten from you & the rest are great dogs. Thanks again for your honesty.

Richard Woodard


 I took the dogs out this weekend after picking them up Friday (2/11/11).  All total there was 14 races in 4 MORNING hunts.  Although there was only one bunny shot, I was by myself all weekend and really didn't try that hard for a kill.  I am so IMPRESSED!!!  I do believe that you under rate your dogs.  The "Started" dogs that I bought, Nat and Pat,  perform better than most finished dogs I have ever ran with. 

And Sue is every bit the hunter that you said. We also had a total of 7 deer jump up in front of the dogs this weekend and I never had to even tone them. They TOTALLY ignored the deer, some of which we jumped while hunting for another rabbit. I WILL be back to "Beagles On Fire" kennels for my future purchases! I have enclosed a pic of Sue with her rabbit.

 A faithful and very satisfied customer,

 David Hamblin

Baldwin, MS


 Been meaning to send you an update on Lexe'.  As you see below, I got her from you 3 years ago.  She's spoiled rotten, thinks she's a human and can drink out of my glass!  I'm so happy that I have her.  I don't know what I would do without her.  I will attempt to attach a picture with this.  She's such a well behaved little one.  Everyone in the neighborhood seems to absolutely love her and thinks she's the most beautiful little girl.  She is pretty hefty for her little legs.  I had a bit of a time adjusting to feeding her the right amount of the right kind of food.  She has more toys than a lot of kids.  I know you can tell I'm not very fond of  her.


Thanks again for my great little dog!!!



I would like to thank David for all the dogs I’ve bought from him. He is a very honest man that you can count on. He has very good dogs and anyone buying one would not go wrong. If you want good young beautiful dogs please call him. His dogs have good search and hunt and they are well behaved in the kennel.  That was David the beagler. 

Now for David the person, he is a very caring and wonderful guy, he loves the outdoors and loves what he does. I had the chance to also meet his family, they are all wonderful people . 

Thanks David and I would like to say that all I was looking for were beagles, but I think that I may have found a new friend and hunting buddy. Dogs come and go but friends last a lifetime. Everyone go buy a dog from him you can't go wrong. God Bless you and your wonderful family. 

Jody & Cody Smith

New Orleans, LA

 Sir I just got back to Mississippi yesterday. I had a great time over leave and Patsy made it that much better.

"26 Dec 2011

This is a picture of Morgan Cutler, thirteen year old, after his first "successful" hunt. We were in Lincoln, IL near my uncles farm. Morgan has actually been hunting with us since he was five, but for the past three years he has been hunting with a gun. We have tried getting him in just the right position to intercept the rabbit but not until this year did it work out. Not only did he get the rabbits but he also was by himself posted up next to a big brush pile. 

I cannot describe how happy he was after he got not only his first but his second rabbit as well. Patsy our new dog was actually running the second rabbit that he shot. We could not have planned it better. Faith our older dog ran the first rabbit right to him and needless to say Patsy ran the second one on the same path not 3 minutes later. 

As for Morgan Cutler is was pretty funny that he didn't realize that the dogs were obviously running two separate rabbits; that along with the shear excitement of his first shot, Morgan left his position to see his first rabbit when the second one ran right to him. He luckily had the skill and wits about him to get the second one. 

We had such a great time hunting this season. Patsy did great the entire time, especially for an eight month old. I cannot wait until she truly finds her voice. She gets unbelievably excited when she hits a hot track which is always the best sign in a dog that young. Next year I expect her to be that much better. Thank you Beagles on Fire for such a great dog."



Sir here is a picture from our first hunt with Patsy. She did a great job. She backed our other dog up real well and at one point they both were independently chasing their own rabbits. 

The picture is of my little cousin, Morgan Cutler, he is thirteen years old and that was his first, and then second rabbit. He was ecstatic. He actually was walking over to the first one he shot and then the second one came up on him. It truly made his Christmas. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years. Hopefully see you sometime early in the new year. Thank you again for such a great dog. I'll keep letting you know how she does.




Brennan is in the Air Force & is in school to be a pilot. Thank you Brennan & any one else reading this who is serving in our Armed Forces or has served in the past for your service & dedication to keeping this Country free. You truly are heroes!

Hey David,                                                  1/13/12

 Just wanted to let you know how proud I am to have invested in Hank, Reba, and Hammer. They have been every thing you told me and more. 

For instance, I went on a hunt with buddies that brought their dogs. The dogs jumped a deer, but Hank, Reba, and Hammer were the only dogs that did not leave the country. I was so proud that day. 

I defiantly have the bragging rights with my buddies. Today, we went on a hunt and Hank retrieved his first rabbit for me. It was an awesome site to see.

 I told my buddies the price just doubled on him. Reba is like a tank, when a rabbit is up, no thicket is too thick for her. Hammer is turning in to one jam up little dog. He is starting to lead the pack in lots of the races and has jumped several rabbits. My friends can not believe he is only 8 months old. I have not had any regrets from making the purchase of these beagles. I would tell anyone looking for a great dog to visit you. Thanks so much!

 Attached is a picture of Me, Alex, a friend and Hank with 3 rabbits we killed on Alex's first hunt. He is hooked.


My wife has started me a site so that I can share my adventure with my friends. I thought you might would like to check it out.


God Bless,

Chris Washburn

 Update on 1/14/12:

Alex took his first kill today, and wanted to make sure I emailed you to let you know. I have never seen a child so excited. He skipped cloud 9 and went on to 10. Hank jumped the rabbit, Reba and Hammer joined in and brought it back to Big Al. What a day!! Enjoy the pictures.

 Now there’s a happy customer for sure!

I would like to say its been a pleasure getting to know you and your operation. I am so sorry I didn’t know of you sooner, then I wouldn't of wasted my time nor money on some junk. I am very proud to say that --- Buddy, Tom, Sparky, & Suzy are everything you said they would be and then some. Tom is one JUMPING MACHINE, and the others are doing their share as well. Glad I met you & done business with you along with you spending your personal time to go out hunting with myself and watching the dogs work & run.. If I may say other's may sell dogs and do this & that but your honesty is above all what sold me. Thanks for all your support and friendship, I will be seeing you again. 

Thank You,

Steven Reagan

Brownsville, TN

Hey David,

This is Jason, Bobby McKee's son, we bought a handful of young dogs from you about a month ago. The old man says the best testimonial a man can get is when his customers come back. I agree, but I felt like I needed to write one anyway. 

We have been running the dogs every weekend since we picked them up, and it has been amazing every minute out of the truck. 

At 5 months Shooter is one of the smartest most persistent dogs I have ever had the pleasure to run with. Not only does he jump most of the rabbits we run, he is pushing every step of the way to lead the pack.  

Grande is a beast! Nothing gets in his way, I have watched him literally mow down sapling trees burning up a rabbit track. Copper( Drake on the started dog page) gets better every time we go. While the pack is hell bent on one rabbit, he breaks off and jumps and runs his own rabbits now. 

We look forward to getting more dogs in the future, and I hope you remembered to put McKee on the waiting list. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Jason McKee

Tipton County, TN

***Gary Goforth picked his 8 month old female up on 6/17/12 after leaving her in the starting pen for 2 weeks. Here's whart he had to say:

Hey David,                                                          6/18/12

I ran the female with 2 of my finished dogs this morning. She did great. They ran 3 rabbits & she was in there opening up & everything. I even saw her go off & jump one by herself. I'm really proud of how far she came in just two weeks! I couldn't ask for anything more!

I just wanted you to know & to say thanks for giving her the opportunity. It did more for her in two weeks than I ever could have. 

Thanks again & don't forget about me when those pups out of Hottie & Peyton are ready in the fall.


*** Brian Copas in Ohio bought 2 young started dogs in June of 2012. Here's what he had to say about them:

I want to let everyone know what a pleasure it was working with David and Beagles on Fire Kennels. The first time I talked to David I really thought I had found a honest man. 

Well David has not let me down. Everything he has said was true. David said upfront that he was not a dog trader but a trainer. I think David has done a fine job with Tank and Jake. 

I have owned beagles "deer dogs" before, and they would pass up 10 rabbits to run a deer. To say I was deer shy would be an understatement. These dogs have been around deer and they do not even act like the deer are there. Tank, Jake, and Myself are learning every trip in the woods.

I think if you want a quality beagle you better give Beagles on Fire a shot. I want to thank David for a wonderful job training the dogs but most of all for his honesty.

Thanks very much David, 

Brian Copas 740-464-2158

photo 1-1


photo 3

Brian's daughter, Calli does a great job with the dogs. They even pose better with Calli. Lol

photo 1

On 11/2/12 Brian text me that he killed the first rabbit in front of Jake & Jake retrieved it. Now that's awesome. Keep up the great work Brian. You're hooked bad now!


David,                                                                       9/17/12

Sundays afternoon was our first time out with Lucifer (Buckshot), and Sam. My oldest dog struck first. All six were in the race right off. It was a big swamper that circled 3 times. Lucifer was number 2 and Sam was number 5 on the first loop. By the third loop Sam and Lucifer were tied for first. Conditions were not great with rain starting to come down fairly heavy. The swamper ran into my #6 shot and gave up. Then the show began. Ajax my 2 yr old female and Buckshot got to the rabbit first and the tug of war began. Very quickly Sam joined in for a 3-way tug.

For 6-month old Pups I was very impressed. I had beagles since I was in Jr. High School. I have seen a lot of dogs come and go. I am very critical of my dogs. I can say these 2 pups are as good as I have seen for their age. Just thought I would send this update. I cannot wait for the next outing.

Jack Jordan from Greenbriar, AR

501 - 658 - 9090

*** Jack called me on 12/10/12 & told me that Buckshot retrieved his first rabbit. That's awesome for any dog to do but you've gotta love it when it's a 9 month old pup.


Update: 2/24/13

David, this is my great nephew. He is 5. This was his first rabbit hunt. He is hooked! We ended up the season with a total of 118 rabbits. Buckshot & Sam are really doing great.

Hey David!                                                                  11/11/12

 I just wanted to give you an update on Lucy.  Logan and I took Lucy to a small farm about 20 minutes from our house.  Lucy jumped 4 rabbits, we got one cause the rabbits would run close to the house.  All in all it was a great day, I had a chance to take my son, Logan, on his first hunt and let me tell you he had a blast.  Lucy is still learning. She got in the wood pile and would not come out.  In my opinion, she's gonna be a great hunting companion, after I shot the rabbit and she found it she went crazy,,,. "Thanks again for getting me back to hunting with a great beagle. I will be calling you after the first of the year to talk about another dog.  

 "Lamont Winters"  from East St. Louis, IL

2012-11-11 10.19.20

I don't know who's more excited, Logan or Lucy? Lamont looks happy too. This is what it's all about for me, seeing a father & his kids spending time in the field with a good dog. Keep it up Lamont but your days of toting a gun are numbered cause Logan is gonna take over soon. I love it!

2012-11-11 09.24.50

Logan with the first rabbit killed over his dog, Lucy.


I have purchased 6 dogs from David in the last 3 years & I can say truthfully that each one has done exactly what he said they would do.

They are hard hunting, obedient rabbit dogs that run with my large pack immediately. Three of them were 5 & 6 month old started dogs. The latest purchase was Lilly& at 6 months old, she is running & crossing creeks & jumped a rabbit this past Saturday.

You cannot go wrong with one of his dogs & I am very picky, having run beagles for over 40 years.

Jim Davis                                                                                  Olive Branch, MS                                                                         901 485-8128



Bella's first hunt & we killed 3 cottontails. She did great & was in every race & even got a couple of checks. Buddy jumped his first rabbit today. I couldn't be any happier with these two.

Paul Wilson

Atwood, TN                   



I met Mr. David through Beagles on fire on the web. In the past year I have bought two dogs from him with no regrets. I have ran these dogs almost every weekend since season opened and killed 92 rabbits over them. These dogs hunting drive is out of this world, they have no quit. I was so impressed when I bought a pup out of Maggie and Bear. This little female was 6 months old and hunting her butt off. She is now 15 months old and the best jump dog I own! When she hits the ground one thing is on her mind and that's a rabbit. 

Mr. David in my opinion is the kind of person you want to do business with. He was very up front, honest, and a man of his word. The truth of the matter is you get what you pay for. I will be buying more dogs in the future. If your looking for hard hunting dogs with good manners look no further I promise. I really enjoyed doing business with Beagles On Fire.              Thanks,  

Cory Mashburn 

Wynne ,AR 



Hey David! You started a puppy for me back in June. I was really proud of how far she came in just 2 weeks. It did far more for her than I ever could. She's doing great & she's starting to be one of the better dogs I have. She's had 47 rabbits killed over her this year & she's learning more & more each time out. I couldn't ask for anything more! Thanks again for giving her a great start. She's really turning into a great rabbit dog. 

I'm determined to get my next dog from you because of how well trained they are. I don't even look any where else! If you could help me get a dog I would be forever grateful.


Here's the last 2 rabbits of the season. Trouble & I want to say thanks again for giving her a great start. We can't say enough about your starting pen. Keep up the good work!

Gary Goforth

Somerville, TN


Hey Mr. David! I wanted to give you an update on Diesel and Duke. They are doing great and even jumping their own rabbits. I've had a couple pair of dogs and can't say I've had any better than these. If you want a great started dog or finished dog you should give Mr. David a call. You won't find a more honest person about dogs and any dog I get  will definitely come from Mr. David. 

You won't find a better one. 


Josh Whicker                                                                        McComb, MS 


Just wanted to give you a update on Driver.  Your welcome to post this on your testimonial page.  After picking him up on Sunday (3/28/13) I spent the next few days getting to know him and letting him get used to me.  He warmed up fast and I was comfortable enough to take him out into the woods for some training.  I went out Saturday and met a friend who brought 1 finished dog and 1 puppy.  The three started off slow due to lack of rabbits.  As soon as we got into some rabbits it was on.  Driver started in on the race and was great the rest of the day leading the pack a few times as well as getting some checks.  Sunday I wanted to see if Driver could handle solo so we went out.  He started off slow kind of moseying around but as soon as we crossed a rabbit track his demeanor changed and he was gone with it.  He soloed the rabbit and circled him back bringing the swamper within 5 feet of me.  

Next weekend I put him with a pack of 8 finished dogs and he stayed in with them all morning right there in the front.  I have ran him in every situation and he continues to step up and is proving to be very versatile.  Remember, all this is being done by a six month old puppy!  I am very impressed and look forward to seeing him mature and become a master of his trade!  You have done a great job starting this pup and even one of my friends said he may be a future customer due to how well Driver is doing.  


Jeff Alexander

Huntsville, AL                                                

David,                                           5/14/13

I wanted to write you and tell you I enjoyed meeting you and getting to see some of your young dogs in action. I couldn't believe the two pups (Georgia & Little Ann) off Buster & Brownie that are a year old. 

We turned loose and two big doe got up out of a thicket. David walked right where the deer crossed the lane and called the dogs to him but they never made a sound. We walked a good hundred yards where the deer went & not a single dog said a word till they jumbled a rabbit. 

I can say I'm sold on your bloodline of dogs. I will be back in the fall to purchase some started dogs. 

One more thing, his dogs are so well mannered; he can open his kennels and his dogs go straight to the truck and wait on him to load. All my dogs would have been scattered every where again.

I'm sold on Beagles On Fire!

Thanks David!

Bryan Davis                                          Madison, MS 

David,                                                 9/15/13

I am so glad I found you on the internet. Cyclone  & the other female we got from you are already leading our pack at 10 months old. It is just crazy how good these dogs are. They're the way beagles should be bred.

We will be calling you soon for some more great rabbit dogs. There are none like them in the world. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have access to these fine dogs.

Hunt Sanders

Lincoln, AL


Took Briar out this morning. She did great! She can work up a track with the best of them. She has jumped several rabbits since we bought her. I've bought 4 dogs now from Mr. David & every one of them has performed just the same. You could just about call a male named Duke a finished dog at 11 months old. When he barks you know it's a rabbit.

I know they will just get better when I shoot a rabbit over them so I'm telling you from experience you definitely want a dog from Beagles On Fire!

Josh Wicker

McComb, MS


Got to get out with Biscuit today with temps in the 50's & the snow all gone. Biscuit did awesome. Real Impressive for a pup that just turned 5 months old.

 He circled a rabbit half way around by himself before the old dog jumped in & gave him a hand. After the first rabbit that was shot, he kind of hung around jumping at the rabbit. Once he figured out that he could chase more rabbits off he went. 

I figured it would take him a few trips because everything is new to Biscuit but I could not have been more wrong. He hunted from start to finish & ran every rabbit. It was a crazy hunt as we had 3 rabbits going at the same time.

I think Biscuit has a real good chance to be a special dog from what I saw today.  


Richard Ohler

Wellsburg, West Virginia

David,                                                                          2/17/14

I want to thank you for all the info about rabbit hunting, beagles, and everything else you have shared with me.  I especially want to thank you for Tip.  Rabbit season has ended here in Missouri, but some great memories were made and one of your dogs created them.  Tip jumped numerous rabbits for me, but the memories I'll always remember is the smiles he put on some young boys faces for their first rabbit.  Tip has improved each and every time I have taken him out hunting and is easily challenging my best beagle and she's two.  He is barely 7 months and hanging with some good older dogs.  I hate to see how amazing he is when he gets her age.

  The last time we went out he had me worried.  We were hunting a fence row and Tip was the only dog barking, which had me worried when none of my older dogs or my buddies dogs were barking.  We hit a small clearing in the fence row and two field mice ran out.  My first thought was I hope my buddy didn't see that but sure enough the joking began.  Tip kept on baying away and I tried and tried to tell him it was a mouse.  My buddy was having a great time laughing and going, but when Tip hit a brush pile and a rabbit came out, we were all stunned.  He proved me wrong and for once I was glad of it!

  Every one asks where I got such a good looking and good hunting dog from and Beagles On Fire is where I tell them.  To deal with a stand up, honest, trust worthy guy who works so hard on breeding and training is a true blessing.  My grandpa was a big rabbit hunter and loved rabbit hunting and his dogs.  I always wanted a beagle that would impress him and I know now he's looking down smiling and it's all thanks to you!


Kyle Karmas

 Dexter, Missouri

This is what Cooney Woodard from Texas had to say about the pack he put together this year. All of his dogs except 1 have been bought here & he brought that one here for us to start for him.


 Cherry, Choice, & Sox ran their tails off this morning for 3 hours. Sox & Cherry shined today & Sox showed Choice up. We ran 7 rabbits & I was smiling the whole time. I just ran the dogs & watched them Beagles on Fire light the rabbits up.



My niece, Genesis, got her 1st rabbit this morning. She missed the 2nd rabbit. Her 12 year old cousin shot 3 times but missed each time. They enjoyed it. Sox, Cherry, & Choice are in the pic with her. We ran 8 rabbits this morning.


We ran 10 & shot a couple. 5 dogs did good today & ran 3 & 1/2 hours with a temperature of 68.


I ran my pack this evening with some guys who also have beagles. My young dogs showed those so called "hard running beagles" how a rabbit is supposed to be run. The guys were very impressed with my young hounds. I'm still smiling because I'v got me a solid foundation!

All I can say is there was as much of a difference in the 2 packs as night & day. My cousins brother even told me if I'm not bringing my beagles to hunt with, don't even call him………He said he is spoiled. Lol



This is what we did this afternoon on a 4 hour hunt from 12-4. Rambo is starting to get used to the dogs & accustomed to the Gulf Coast. 

I walked up on a wild hog bedded down & the dogs never paid any attention to it. They just stayed on rabbits. Today was the 3rd time I took Rambo out. He's getting better every time I take him out.



Hunted 3 hours this morning. Rambo is getting better each time out, packing better, & getting plenty of rabbit scent under his nose. This was all done while we had 15-20 mph wind gusts.


My cousin & I got 9 this morning. Rambo retrieved 2 of them. Man I was smiling from ear to ear. We ran over 15 rabbits this morning & only hunted for 3 hours.

We ran in an area that has a lot of wild hogs but they only ran rabbits. These young beagles are doing their thing & Rambo showed out! I did this after working 16 hours but my beagles still need their time in the field too.

I will try to get a pic of Rambo retrieving. I just smile when he comes out with it. These young dogs are running the track the right way. I'm about to start videoing some of the trips afield.

I found the right person to get me back into rabbit hunting. Thanks again! What you & your wife are doing is great for the hunting beagle! I never would have thought that I'd be where I am this quick.

They are definitely Beagles on Fire! I will keep you posted on their progress.


Cunney Woodard & Sox

Brazoria, Texas


Just wanted to take a few minutes to say thanks and let others out there know what kind of operation you run (as if you really need anyone's validation).  Feel free to forward this to anyone with questions about doing business with you. Most of all I just wanted to say thanks!

I had mentioned several times to my 8 yr old son some of the great rabbit hunts I had been on as a child and young man with my uncle. He'd seen the pictures of the "fur tailgates" my uncle's dogs consistently produced, but I don't think he really understood where I came from when I talked a about "rabbit hunting machines!" My uncle started to get up in age and eventually his pack faded away. My cousin and I kept a few dogs around and I hunted with him when I could but we never really had the same caliber of dogs as my uncle had. Anyway, my son never really seemed all that interested in rabbit hunting, as he had just gotten into deer hunting and had connected on a very nice buck and also a doe. I figured deer hunting was going to be his thing, and I was fine with that. Then one day out of the blue, he asked if we could get a beagle. Work and starting a family had taken me away from beagles. Now family was getting me BACK into the game!

I started looking locally for some rabbit dogs. I've never been hung up on papered dogs but I knew I wanted young dogs and I wanted a lot of hunt, if papered dogs was all I could find then so-be-it. I found pups and dogs alike, but nothing anybody could show in the field if they were adult dogs, and no parents to look at if they were pups. Everyone had papers and stories of 5 month old dogs running a rabbit a mile, but I just never felt comfortable. After I'd been looking for awhile a friend recommended I take a look at the Beagles on Fire website. I didn't really want to deal with someone out of state but decided to check the site. I kept seeing the same terms over and over, words like honest, trustworthy, respectable, knowledgable etc., were everywhere I checked.

So I call David up. We talked for awhile and right off I could tell this guy had run a rabbit in his time. On top of that he had a pup named Bentley available (still not sure how that happened since I'd tried to buy 3 pups after Bentley but was never fast enough because the dogs sell so fast). I bring Bentley home at 6 months old or so and after two months in the field he's running like an 18 month old! Then there is the awesome handling, kennel manners, and common sense David's bloodlines have. I grew up tricking dogs into going where and doing what you wanted them to. David's dogs WANT to do those things! I'm still not sure that part has completely sunk in...

I'd had Bentley 2 months or so and was having a blast getting back into rabbit hunting. I knew I had to have another started dog. After 3 unsuccessful tries, I ended up with another one of David's pups, Redneck. After some extended training (explained below), I've got another excellent young rabbit dog with qualities most beagles owner only dream of. He gets better and better each time out.

David is the kind of person people want to do business with and I can explain why. I show up to pick up my second pup, Redneck, and I bring my other dogs to see how this pup will pack with them. While Bentley, 7 1/2 months old at the time ran like a dream, Redneck, the pup I was there to buy decided not to participate that day. David looks me in the eye and says "No way I'd buy that dog today! He's looking like garbage & needs a little more work.". He then insists I leave the dog for a couple more weeks. Then, to finish the night off one of my other dogs gets separated from the race. That led to a 3 hour search, all of which David led. At no time did he consider giving up on finding my dog and I know for a fact he had other pressing matters going on, but he put my needs before his. Truly an all around class act.

David- my uncle mentioned above, one of the toughest men I've ever known, is losing his battle with cancer. I don't know long he has but isn't long. We talk beagles and rabbits every time I go see him and I can tell it brings back some very fond memories. Some of those he and I shared together. He truly is the person responsible for teaching me a love for rabbit dogs. So I said all of that to say this- you will never know how appreciative I am for getting me back into rabbit hunting. As I push my new dogs thru the brush and watch them work or listen to them run, I can see my uncle, with his old Browning thrown over his shoulder and scratches on his hands and cheek, smiling and shaking his head because I got too much shot in the meat. For that I will be forever thankful. I'll keep you updated on the pups. Thanks again and take care.

Attached is my favorite pic from this season. My son, Lane with Bentley and the "40 acre rabbit." The dogs literally ran this thing across a 40 acre hayfield and then halfway BACK across!

Lane Bourne & Bentley

Brian Bourne

Sheridan, AR

501 831 - 4171

           After months of online research, we decided we wanted to purchase a red-tick beagle. We found the Beagles on Fires web-site listed among the Top 100 Beagle Sites. After talking to David and being added to the email list, we were lucky enough to reserve two red-tick beagles on 3-14-14. With David and his son taking time out of their busy work schedule to show us the dogs working in the field, we decided to bring Preacher and Possum (out of Maria & Scooter) home with us. Within a week of purchasing the pups we were running them. We try to hunt both mornings and evening every chance we get to show the pups as many rabbit tracks as possible. We currently are hunting these pups with five, 5 & 6 year old dogs. At the young age of 7 months, these pups are running like 5 & 6 year old dogs.  

           The minute we put Preacher down he does not mess around, he goes straight to hunting without any help from us beating the brush. He is currently jumping his own rabbits and showing the pack his place is in the front. In our opinion this is outstanding for a pup of his age against the pack we are currently running, which is a medium to fast pack.

          Possum is usually right with Preacher. He also has excellent hunt but a little cold nosed which should improve with age. He is holding his own against the pack and is usually in the 3rd position.

          We have hunted with friends who have some hard hunting beagles and these pups always hold their own or some days show the way. We have currently been asked to breed Preacher and turned them down. We will return to David at Beagles on Fire to buy a gyp to breed later on. We want to stay with the excellent line of dogs that David is raising.      

          We want to thank David and his family for their hospitality and time they showed us the day we were there. They have one of the nicest kennel set-ups we have seen. It is very apparent that they put in a lot of time caring for and training their beagles, and it shows in the quality of pups they have are raising. We are very pleased to have found David and the Beagles on Fire kennel. We will definitely return to this kennel for all of our future beagle purchases.


Thanks for everything,

Shannon and Tracy

Normantown, West Virginia


I had Beagles for quite a few years when my work forced me to start traveling. After a few years on the road my pack dwindled down to nothing. I went 9 years without owning a single Beagle.

 When I finally was able to come home to work one of the first things I did was get my kennels back in shape to start a new pack. After looking at quite a few dogs and being disappointed several times, I came across David's website. WOW I think I stayed up until one in the morning that first night watching those pups chase rabbits.

 We gave David a call and talked Beagles for a while. We told him we were interested in putting together a small pack to get the kids and ourselves back involved with rabbit hunting. Needless to say after 13 dogs from several different litters we have the best pack of dogs any man could ask for. We purchased 2 finished dogs and 11 puppies and absolutely love each and every one. We did not set out to get so many dogs but after getting a couple my wife was hooked. She had to get her own pack of males. 

 We made several big hunts last year and impressed every one we brought with us. There is nothing like feeling the pride when you are sitting around with a group of your piers running dogs and the entire conversation is based on how amazing all of those young dogs are. Or going in the local convenient store that Monday morning for coffee and having people say they heard about our hunt and wanting to know if the dogs are really as young as they heard they were.

 There was one hunt in particular that stuck out for me. We were invited to bring our dogs down to make a big marsh hunt with some guys that have been running dogs and hunting rabbits for as many years as I am old. Well a few days prior to the hunt one of my finished dogs got bit by a snake and was not going to be able to go with us. When I told the guys that my lead dog was not with us their immediate reaction was "oh yea here come the excuses". Well needless to say after killing 52 rabbits that day and only having 6 and 7 month old dogs they were quite impressed. I was told by a man that has been running and dealing with beagles for over 50 years that in his 50 + years he has never seen a pack of dogs that could run rabbits and handle as good as what he seen that day in my dogs. WOW what a feeling!!!

From starting out only hoping to get a couple decent dogs to ending up having the best pack of dogs I have ever had, I feel truly blessed.

Who else or Where else can a person go get 11 (4 to 6 month old) dogs from 9 different females and have each and every one of them be amazing, top notch dogs.  My answer is nowhere!

 David we can not thank you enough for what you do. I am truly impressed and in awe at the kind of dogs you produce. I am looking forward to another rabbit season with our dogs. With one year under their  belt I am excited to see how they do this year.  


 Once again thank you,

 from the Landry family!

Pierre Pratt, Louisiana


My name is Hubert Wiltz from Breauxbridge, Louisiana & this is my testimonial on my pup, Deacon, out of Scooter & Maria. 

I met Beagles on Fire through the top 100 beagle site & have been hooked ever since. I stayed up all night watching videos of David training pups. 

He's a very honest man. If he says the dog is going to do something then that's what the dog will do. 

I have a friend who told me "those dogs are priced too high to not have papers" but after he saw my young dog work he was amazed.

Needless to say Deacon is giving our finished dogs a run for their money. He is showing his place in the pack is in the front. He's great in the check area, has tremendous search, & has a big booming mouth.

Today was opening day of rabbit season in Louisiana. We killed 2 & it was great. After we killed the first rabbit, Deacon went ballistic. He jumped the next rabbit right away & circled him half way around before the other dogs got there. It wasn't long before I got a shot on the rabbit. The rabbit went another 60 yards before it died. The only way I found it was I walked to the spot I last heard the dogs. There was Deacon laying on the rabbit. That was the best feeling in the world.

I'm so impressed with Deacon that I've got another started dog coming. Thanks, David, for providing me with a top notch beagle. 

I can't wait to get the Tiger pup here. I know she'll be a heck of a dog. Feel free to call me any time if you want to know about David's dogs.


Hubert Wiltz

Breauxbridge, LA

337 356-4396

David,                                          11/18/14

 Just wanted to send you another thank you e-mail.  Tip has gone from being good to great in a matter of a year.  The term “jump dog” is tossed around a lot in my neck of the woods, but Tip is beginning to be associated with the term.  It puts a big smile on my face that my dad makes certain he goes every trip with me, not for the hunt but to spend time with me and listen to the dogs run.  Tip has made my pack that much better and you were not lying when you said if you put him on tracks he will be a rabbit dog.  I have tried my hardest to put him on many tracks as I could and the results are starting to speak for themselves.  He has his puppy moments, but 99% of the time, you do not see him cause he is buried in the brush.   Just wanted to say thank you again for all the hard work you and your family have put in to provide us with a true hunting beagle.  Also for bringing my dad back in the field to enjoy these moments with me!

 Here is a picture of our latest hunt on 11-16-2014.  My dad, my buddy Derrik Chamberlain, and myself had a great day.  The poor dogs were so wore out, they were sleeping sitting up in their kennel!

Thanks Again!


Kyle Karmas

Dexter, Missouri 

Mr Wring,                                       1/17/15

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say it has truly been a pleasure getting to know you. I really appreciate your honesty.

  To those out there thats like myself, wondering if Mr Wring's dogs are as good as he says they are, the answer is YES. I purchased 3 pups from Mr Wring this spring. Tiger born 4/24/14.  Wring born 6/4/14 and Carolina born 6/27/14. I picked up Tiger first and he was a little slow coming along but he runs well with my dog's now. Hunts some but runs well. The other two are simply put, AWESOME. I run high end med fast beagles and those two (Carolina & Wring) even at their age not only keep up but are getting checks and jumping rabbits. The Hottie / Scooter cross and the Buster /  Keeper cross are hunting machines.


Thanks so much David,

Brightstar Mills

252 676-5714

Littleton, North Carolina


Just wanted to share we had another good day out running rabbits. Chief and Maggie are really doing well.
As you can see in the pics they are fired up about the rabbit. They are both going to be great dogs when they finish out. Chief was the one to jump this rabbit. They ran it for awhile. Lost it and worked trying to find it again, I called them up to a briar patch where I thought he might have gone, Maggie jumped the rabbit then and then the run for about 15 minutes till Will nailed him.

Will took one shot and yielded one rabbit.
He is getting good at understanding the terrain and how the rabbits are going to run, so he is positioning himself to get the good shots 😊
I'm usually the dog handler which is fine by me I just love watching him have a great time, in fact he gets pretty fired up when the dogs jump one and start bawling.

1st pic Maggie is trying to get the rabbit and ends up jumping off the tailgate to bite at it. I had to share that one.

2nd pic is the better one, Maggie on the ground . Chief jumping on Will's shoulder trying to get at the rabbit.
Anne that we bought off you, not your bloodline she is on the far left. She is slower pace but there is not a briar patch she won't bulldog through. The little one just to to the left of Will in his arm is Annie, the 3 time hernia dog.
She is healed back up and been going on our last couple hunts.


Doug Kirkbride

Pana, IL

David ,

Here is my testimonial:

 Two years ago I wanted to purchase a pack of rabbit dogs. I called around looking for finished dogs and quickly realized that I would probably need to start with a young dog. This is when I searched on the internet and found Beagles on Fire.   

 Since then, I have purchased 16 started dogs from Beagles on Fire.  Here are the names of the Dam’s from which my dogs came from: Moxy, Brownie, Sally, Maggie, Rhetta, Sandy, Candy, Dandy and Sugar. I ran these young dogs as David suggested and they all turned-out to be some really fine rabbit dogs.  I am very impressed with their hustle, handling,  jumping and running abilities.  They are all business. At the end of the day,  I just want a dog that is smart, easy to handle and can burn up a rabbit.  Thank you David for breeding, raising, training and having the passion to produce some of the best young rabbit dogs around.


Take care,


beaglesonfire1@gmail.com       © Beagles On Fire 2012