Shock Collars & Other Items 4 Sale

I am pleased to announce that I am now a proud member of Garmin / Tri-tronics Influential Club & can now sell Garmin / Tri-tronics products. I keep a couple of Pro 70 units in stock. These are the best on the market, in my opinion. You can run 1-6 dogs on 1 transmitter. If you need only a few collars now you can still add on up to a total of 6 collars at any time.

I also have the Pro Trashbreaker that will run up to 9 dogs on 1 transmitter with a 4 mile range

Tri-tronics stand behind their product with a 2 year warranty on new collars. 

I bought a used set of collars of another brand when I first started & I didn’t like them all that well. When I bought my first set of tri-tronics I knew this was a great product. 

I’ve joked that there are only 2 things wrong with tri-tronics:

You can’t use it on your kids

You can’t use it on your wife

After my wife heard that she threatened to put it on me in my sleep.

I look at tri-tronics like this: you will have the ability to handle  your dogs in a very easy & human way. 

If you are tired of chasing dogs when it’s time to go & want to have the ability to have that dog come to your feet to load up, here’s the answer to your problem. You will be amazed at the difference a tri-tronics collar will make. 

I never use a lead because I don’t need one with tri-tronics. I have found that if you raise your dogs up on tri-tronics when they are older they’ll act right because dogs learn from repetition so if you’ve trained the young dog to come in to your feet, the dog will do the same thing when it’s older out of habit.

I can take your order & have it at your door within 5 business days if you need it shipped to you. 

Call me to get a price on a new set of collars or any Garmin / Tri-tronics accessories & see the difference they will make in the behavior & handling of your dogs.
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