Saying Goodbye To An Old Hunting Partner



Today was a sad day on one hand & a very comforting day on the other because today I had to do the only down side to owning beagles that I know of. I had to put my old hunting partner, Blue to sleep at the age of 11.

When I started rabbit hunting 10 years ago, I bought a pair of dogs, Snow Ball & Rip. I soon added my 3rd dog, Julie, & then a few weeks later I bought Blue.

I had a blast with those 4 dogs especially Julie & Blue. They were the anchor to my pack because of their determination to find a rabbit. Those 2 dogs taught me more about rabbit hunting than most people know.

I've owned a lot of dogs since I bought Blue but she is a major part of the foundation to Beagles On Fire.

The things that stand out most about Blue is she had no quit to her whatsoever & was as tough of a dog as I've ever owned when she was in her prime.

She loved to run rabbits so much. The first time she went into heat I left her in the kennel that had a 6' fence & took the other 3 a short distance from the kennel to run. They jumped a rabbit & the race was on. Within just a few minutes I heard 4 dogs running the rabbit & when the pack crossed Blue was second, right behind Julie, burning the rabbit up.

She was a dog that stood out in a pack. When people would come to look at some young dogs run, they'd usually ask if I'd sell Blue if they saw her run. My answer was always the same: "No! She'll die at my kennels".

I have seen her great traits pass down to her offspring. As a matter of fact, her daughter, Sandy, is probably the best dog I have. Sandy's pups are as good as it gets with their jumping ability, as well as the ability to hold the line, but the best trait I have noticed is they all have heart. They absolutely love to hunt rabbits.

Blue had that kind of heart & would give you 110% every time out. There's a movie called "All Dogs Go To Heaven". If that's true, God just got an awesome blue-tick full of desire & drive to add to His pack so rest in peace old girl. I know you're in a better place & not hurting any more. I take comfort in that.

Thanks for the memories. It was an honor to hunt with you & it's an honor to hunt with your offspring now. Your spirit is in them. I see you in them every time I take them out.       © Beagles On Fire 2012