Sandy Making Me Real Proud on 9/14/12


Click on the pic to see the video of a special day in the field

On 9/14/12 I got the opportunity to have David Russell join me for about 3 hours in the morning. We started at daylight & had a great time. I have been lucky to meet some great people showing dogs. I first met David a few years ago when he came to see a young started dog I had for sale named Hank.

David has done an excellent job of finishing Hank out to where now he is a dog anyone would be proud of. David has bought several dogs from me since Hank & we've become very good friends.

David brought Hank along with some young dogs. (Dolly, Little Bit, Lefty, & Tracker)

I brought Sandy, Maria, Sassie, Crook, Burner, Holly, Hillbilly, Demon, & Dolly. Dolly hadn't been out in the wild before. She didn't do anything & is now back in the training pen. David's Dolly did well.

When you watch the video you'll see my Dolly hanging out in the lane. I don't like it but I don't try to hide it as most would. I'll get her running right before she goes on here for sale.

I really enjoyed the time spent in the field on this day but the highlight of the day had to be seeing Sandy retrieve a rabbit that the pack had run for a long time. They figured out all of the tricks that this rabbit could dish out. They'd loose it for a few seconds or in some cases a few minutes but before long one of the dogs would get the check & it was on again.

Sandy is a super dog that anyone would love to own. I feel that she's one of the best dogs I have & like her momma, Blue, she'll be here till the day she dies.       © Beagles On Fire 2012