Gone But Bot Forgotten


Hunter, my son, with his 1st rabbit & Hunter

It is very hard to write this because Hunter meant so much to my son & I. We were both shocked when my wife found Hunter dead in his dog house on the evening of 1/7/13. He apparantly had a heart attack or something in his sleep. He was almost 10 years old.

I take comfort in knowing that he didn't suffer at all & it would have killed us if the day had ever come that we had to put him down so we were able to avoid that.

I have several of his offspring in my kennel & I will always have some of Hunter's bloodline in my kennel. Hunter was the very first beagle pup that I bought. He was the first dog that I ever finished & he was by far the very best retrieving beagle I have ever seen or owned.

I remember a day when Hunter was in his prime. A guy & myself killed 12 rabbits & Hunter retrieved 9 of them. You just couldn't beat him in that area. Retrieving wasn't the only thing he was great at though! He jumped a lot of rabbits & could flat run the hair off of one. I will always remember the great times I spent in the field with this once in a lifetime dog.

I can still remember the first rabbit my son ever killed. Hunter jumped it & my son was so excited he shot at the rabbit & missed it on the first 2 chances with his .410 single shot but on the 3rd shot he had his rabbit. I don't know who was more excited, my son or myself. Hunter was a big part of that wonderful memory as you can tell from the above pictures.

Some dogs come & go & you don't really think about them much but Hunter is a dog I'll be talking about till I'm dead & gone. Hunter has been the face of our kennels & I will always leave his name & picture on the website because Beagles On Fire will always be the home of Hunter "The Retrieving Beagle"!

Some people never get the pleasure of owning a dog tho fine. I feel lucky & blessed to get the privilege of hunting with him & having him around all these years. I was proud to own Hunter & I'm extremely proud to say he never went to the field to hunt without me being there to see all of his great work.

R.I.P. my favorite hunting partner. I will greatly miss you! I know those of you out there with his offspring will probably agree with me when I say: You were & will always be "The Best"!

Rabbit in the Mouth

Here's the image that always pops in my mind when I think of Hunter. In my heart I can see him prancing across the field with a rabbit dead center of his mouth & bringing it to my feet.

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