Dee's Pups & Maggie's Pups @ 10 Weeks Old


Click on the pic to see these pups do their thing

Dee's pups & Maggie's pups are very excited about chasing rabbits. They didn't have this excitement at 8 weeks old. I don't know if it was just too hot or what but none of the pups out of Dee, Maggie, or Peyton did anything when I showed them a rabbit at 8 weeks old. It was strange but it was very hot on that day. Some pups take a little longer than others. They are doing well now though & are very excited about chasing rabbits. I'm enjoying watching them progress & before you know it they'll be running in the wild. I anticipate these pups being ready in November of 2013. I'm going to keep 1-2 out of Dee because I want to see if they will retrieve like their mother, Dee & grandfather, Hunter.       © Beagles On Fire 2012