Past Dogs Gone But Not Forgotten



Blue is the dam to one of the best dogs in my kennel. Sandy is unreal & relentless in her hunt & has no quit just like her mom, Blue. What a thrill to have owned & hunted years with this fine blue-tick. She will always be missed.

Rabbit in the Mouth


Hunter is the face of our kennel & was simply the best when it came to retrieving that I've ever seen. He was the total package & is the sire to several dogs in my kennel. Here's some of them: Jr, Hottie, Peyton, Fire, Flame, & Moxy. There's hardly ever a conversation about dogs that Hunter isn't mentioned. He was the very first pup I ever bought & finished out. What a thrill to have spent 10 years with this rabbit machine.


Big Jack

Jack was a great dog that had a big booming mouth. His hunt was very good as well. I didn't get Jack from Larry until he was about 7 but he still got after the rabbits just as hard as a young dog.



Cricket was about as good as it gets. There's a ton of her offspring that has been produced here, trained & scattered around the country. I have several of her daughters still in my kennel & will always have this bloodline to work with.  Every dog that she produced has had serious hunt & jumping ability. I wish I still had her but they all get old & go way before you're ready to turn loose.


Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie was born on 12/7/12 & was as good of a young dog as I've ever raised & the prettiest blue-tick I can  She was destined to be a super star & I believe she would have produced some awesome offspring but I had a case of very bad luck with her on 3/17/14 & found her on a road after being hit by a car. It seems that you don't loose the good dogs like this. Most of the time it's the great ones.

I won't lie I cried like a baby when I lost this one. She was not only a great rabbit dog at such a young age but would love all over me when I went in her kennel. What a great all around dog to be so young. I'll be awhile getting over this loss. 



Sandy was as good of a rabbit dog as I've ever seen or raised. Her dam was Blue at the top of this page & her sire is Copper who I still have. I had to put Sandy down on 11/2/15 due to kidney failure. Sandy was the measuring stick by which I judged dogs. She was the most amazing dog & was such a thrill to call mine. Everyone that saw her run was impressed. On several occasions she retrieved rabbits that were in hard to get to areas. If she got to one that wasn't in a bad area she would just stand guard over it until you found her & wouldn't allow another dog to get to it.

Sandy was a true jump dog but could also work out the hardest of checks a lot of times & would immediately tell on a trash runner. It hurt me real bad to see her go & I'll miss her deeply but I was blessed to have called her mine all those years.



Maggie was the first Cricket daughter that I had. Maggie was a little fireball. Always busy from the time you put her on the ground till you loaded her back up. She had no quit in her. Maggie was one of those unique dogs that could gear up or slow down depending on scenting conditions & the speed of the other dogs you put her with. She was as good as you can find & really was a joy to hunt & claim as your own. Many thanks to Larry for letting me have this fine dog to enjoy over the years. Maggie was a true joy to watch over the years.



Scooter was a very fine rabbit dog that produced many awesome rabbit dogs. He really was a complete well rounded rabbit dog who could jump a rabbit very well & could run the track with authority. His legacy lives in the large group of dogs he sired over the years.



Bear was a very good rabbit dog that died way too young. He was full of hunt & was always solid in the field. I had hoped to get to breed him more but he died unexpectedly of unknown causes on 1/31/15. He will be greatly missed.



Buster was an awesome rabbit dog that was full of hunt & could jump a rabbit with the best of them. He was great for training pups as he got older & was as good of a stud dog as you'd want. He sired many pups that have made great rabbit dogs. I really hate it that he's gone but he had a great long life.       © Beagles On Fire 2012