Maria's Pups See Their 1st rabbits @ 9 weeks old

Click on the pic to see the video

I have been so busy that I haven't got this posted as soon as I would have liked to but things have been going at an unbelievable pace lately. Maria is a very beautiful open red-tick female that is full of hustle. Her pups as about as pretty as they come but looks don't run a rabbit. I think you'll fall in love with them right away. 

I am keeping 2 -3 of these for future breeding as well as to hunt with. I won't know which ones until I get them started. I will keep probably 1 female & 1-2 males. The purpose for this cross was to preserve the ability to keep a male "pure" like Scooter. 

What I mean by that is I bred Scooter back to his daughter, Maria to not only capture this amazing color but to keep a male that is not crossed to any of my other bloodlines. That leaves a lot of crosses available to me in the future.

I want the very best male hunt wise & confirmation wise for a future stud here. If I have to finish 2 out to make sure I make the right choice then that's what I'll do. These pups were born on 9/2/13 & should be started in January.       © Beagles On Fire 2012