Training Young Pups 


I will use this page to post video as I work with each of the litters I have raised to turn them from pups that just want to play to young rabbit dogs who understand their purpose in life. I feel that this will get a lot of people fired up about these young pups when people see the pups getting all excited & chasing rabbits around the pen at 9-10 weeks old.

After these pups reach 4 months of age I will be putting them in the training pen as soon as the weather & space will permit. Usually within 2 -3 weeks of being in the training pen the pups be started & ready to move to the field where they are run several times to make sure they are right. 

Only after this are the ones I will sell put on the website. I don’t believe in selling a young dog until it will perform to the point that you can take it to the field & be proud of the dog.

Videos from 2011

Click on the titles below to view pups in action

Ruby / Hunter & Peyton / Big Jack Pups video from 8 - 13 weeks oldRuby / Hunter & Peyton / Big Jack Pups video from 8 - 13 weeks old

Jane / Hunter Pups video 8 - 9 weeks old

Beauty / Copper Pups video 9 - 11 weeks old & Peanut gets introduced to a rabbit

Sandy / Joe Pups video from 9 - 11 weeks old

Sandy / Joe Pups video from 4 - 5 months old       © Beagles On Fire 2012