The Legendary Mud Rabbit

The story of the “Mud Rabbit” is one sure to bring a smile to your face & laughter in your heart. It all happened on a rainy afternoon in the Mississippi Delta on Snake Creek Hunting Club in February of 2009 when Phil Parker, a relatively unknown skilled brick mason from Harrisburg, Arkansas, was rabbit hunting with a large group of friends & family. 

The group was gathered at the end of a food plot while Phil was in the food plot about 100 yards away. Phil was facing the group & starting to walk towards the group when someone in the group yelled “ behind you Phil” thinking they honestly saw a rabbit sitting perfectly still in the food plot. Phil being the mighty hunter that he is immediately spun around, spotted the formation that he thought was a rabbit sitting about 30 yards behind him, & blasted it with a perfect shot with his 12 gauge. Phil then walked to pick up his bounty. As he approached it he realized what he thought was a rabbit was merely a clod of dirt but when you have the kind of friends that Phil has they really support you in times like this. It is for this reason that we honor Phil for being the “Legendary Mud Rabbit Hunter” that we all admire & wished we could be. 

The legend, Phil Parker & his world famous “Mud Rabbit”

The legend, Phil Parker showing that he also can harvest a cottontail. 

Lynn Mcgee presented Phil with a trophy mount of the actual “Mud Rabbit” which is proudly displayed in the lodge at Snake Creek Farms. Lynn spent hours preserving this rare feat so that future generations will enjoy & appreciate Phil’s mighty accomplishment. 

Below is a copy of the words written upon the award.

Historical & Zoological Marvel

This mud rabbit was killed on Snake Creek Hunting Club in February of 2009, this being the only record of its existence known to man. It is thought to have bred with other rabbits in the area, making them extremely difficult to hunt. Mud rabbits tend to expose themselves after heavy rains and it takes a full load to get one. This one took two loads of #6 shot. A good reward can be expected upon the kill or capture of another specimen. The person who apprehended this one is still receiving his reward.

Successfully harvesting a mud rabbit is one of the greatest hunting feats since the days of the cave man. It takes an acute sense of sight, hearing, smell, & agility. The wily mud rabbit will molt into its transparent body form when it senses danger. This one was dispatched so quickly that it didn’t have time to fully disappear. Hunters who encounter these rabbits almost always complain of a strong earthy smell.       © Beagles On Fire 2012