Hunting Season '15 - '16

It's always fun to build this page because it shows the fruits of my labor. I work very hard to get these dogs fired up & ready. When I see these pics I know that the dogs are doing well & are happy as well as seeing all the smiles on people's faces. This is what keeps me going more than anything. I know how much I enjoy seeing the young dogs turn on so I know what it feels like to be proud of your dogs. Thanks to each of you who send me pics to post on here.


I had some fun with thses guys on a charity hunt on 12/19/15 for Madonna Learning Center where my niece goes to school. MLC is for children with special needs & it's great to raise money for a great cause doing what you love to do. Several rabbits were missed but we had a great time.


Hunter got a nice swamp rabbit on a hunt on 12/12/15.


This is redneck rabbit hunting with Ronnie Horton & David Russell on 12/23/15. Ronnie wanted to mix mudding with rabbit hunting. I can't believe David & I actually rode on top of the dog box while Ronnie drove. We were smart enough to get off before he hit the bad stuff.


Like a big kid with a new toy


Take a good look at this because it's rare that Ronnie AKA "Low Brass" hits a rabbit with 1 shot. That's why he's smiling so big in this picture. Look at his hat that's not because he is a fan of Mississippi. It's because he misses most of the time he shoots so Ole Miss is what fits him best.


Jr retrieving another rabbit on 12/23/15.


Jeff Jackson got the first rabbit of the day on 1/9/16. The dogs had run this rabbit a long way before it was shot.


Nick Taylor even got a rabbit on this hunt on 1/9/16. I'm not sure who was surpised more, Nick or the dogs that he actually hit it.


David Nelson made a quick shot on this big swamp rabbit on 1/9/16. Thanks for having us on your land David. It was a great time.


Tyler Taylor made a good shot on this rabbit on 1/9/16. I'm so glad you got a pass from your boss to let you hunt on this day with us.  


It was a rainy day on 1/9/16 but we had a great time & the dogs did a great job. We actually got every rabbit that we jumped except 1 & that rabbit went through a fence that the dogs couldn't get through or we probably would have got it as well.


Garrett Gray got a rabbit on 1/16/16 while we were hunting on some property Garrett & his dad, Charlie, have.


When you find a shed while rabbit hunting you create a cull looking jack a lope with a backward rack on the wrong side of it's head for kicks & grins.


Big hunt on 1/16/16 with Robert Hangii, Garrett Gray, & Charlie Gray. 14 rabbits 


It's a challenge to hold up 14 rabbits but I managed to pull it off. Great hunt not because we harvested 14 but because the dogs performed extremely well with some real good long races. I'd rather have great races & fewer rabbits than to be with people who shoot every rabbit they can on the jump. Nothing is better than a good race!


Had an awesome hunt with the dogs on 1/31/16 near Dresden, TN.


Jacob Rutz got the first rabbit of the day on 1/31/16


Steve Reagan got a rabbit & his dog Sparky was excited.


Joey Reagan was a lot of fun to hunt with even if he is a Tennessee fan.


Jake "From State Farm" Cantrell shot this cottontail while it was sitting still & still broke both of it's back legs in true Volunteer fashion. He said to me where Joey couldn't hear him & said "I don't want to make those kind of shots any more. Can I please wear your Georgia hat for this picture? Please Mr. David I'm so sick of this Tennessee orange crap." I'm glad to see Jake's makeover. I think he looks more manly now. Lol!!!


This was my Retta female pup named True's first gun hunt. What a great first hunt & what a great job she did. No doubt she is gonna be a superstar.


When we took a break for a snack the dogs took a much deserved nap & then it was back to hunting.


I had to show Jeff how you retrieve a rabbit without cheating & using your hand. I had a great time cutting up with these guys all day. 


Doesn't Joey look good in his Tennessee orange skirt?


True & Hunt searching for another swamper


I was so proud of True on this hunt. She was absolutely on fire. 24 rabbits is a great way to get a young dog to get real excited.


Jake, Steven, Joey, Jacob, Lance, & Jeff may be a real motley crew but they were a lot of fun to hunt with & hang out with. Thanks guys for such a great time. I'll be talking about this hunt on 1/31/16 for a long time.


Joey Reagan & I got our limit of 5 rabbits each on this hunt. We got Sir Miss Alot aka Steven Reagan to take our pic since he only managed to get 1 rabbit. All of the ones Joey shot had broken back legs. I guess it's a Tennessee thing. Lol


On 2/6/16 I went on a hunt with Nat Collins, Keith, George, & Phil Bates along with Nat's brother outside of Tupelo on a place that required using a boat to get there.


I shot a swamp rabbit & the dogs were excited each time we showed them a rabbit.


Keith had his hands full showing Marly & Harley their 1st ever dead rabbit on their first actual hunt.


Hunt, Uga, Little Ann, Pepper, Gogetta, Georgia, Rose, & Nat & Keith's dog, Lucky, are just some of the dogs in this pic.


True was tired & sleepy after the hunt so I let her ride in my lap on the boat ride back. Sometimes you got to spoil the good ones. She's gonna be a special dog.


Had a great time with some good people on 2/6/16. We got 12 rabbits on this hunt.


Jake Woodman got the first rabbit of our hunt on 2/12/16. Peyton is eyeing the rabbit.


George Woodman got a nice cottontail that the dogs ran for a good distance before it was taken. Cookie is extremely excited about it.


Brad Bradley shot this cottontail & got more on this hunt. Charm is the dog in the pic.


Wallace Perkins got the last rabbit of the day after a great race.


George & Jake had to leave early so they couldn't be in the group pic but we had a great hunt with a total of 10 rabbits. I enjoyed it guys. You have a nice place to hunt. Feel free to call me when you want to go again.


I went to Snake Creek Farms again this year on 2/13 & 2/14. Mickey Carpenter got the first rabbit. Uga, Pistol, & Marly are excited about the rabbit. This was Marly & Harley's 2nd hunt & they were unbelievable at 10 months old. They hunt like 2 year old dogs & I couldn't be prouder. They sure make the memory of Sandy & Joe a great one as I took both of their parents to Snake Creek the last several years.


This rabbit couldn't escape the over & under 12 gauge


Not as many rabbits as we have taken in the past but everyone had a great time. We took 11 rabbits on 2/13/16 & 5 more on a short hunt on 2/14/16. Thanks Lynn, Joe, & Mickey for the great time. It's always great to come down & hunt & listen to the funny things that are going to be said. It's always one of my favorite hunts each year.


Alexia Reagan went on a cold rabbit hunt on 2/13/16 with her dad, Steven. She didn't get a rabbit but she enjoyed the time with her dad. She helps him take care of his dogs & makes sure each dog is spoiled rotten which helps Steven when he calls them in. They are used to Alexia loving on them so they handle great. Keep going Alexia & you'll get one soon. Don't let your dad show you how to shoot though because I've seen him shoot before. Lol


Cuney Woodard has had a great season in Texas & has run these dogs until they were worn out.


Cuney had a nice little hunt this day.


Cuney is more concerned with the races than just killing a ton of rabbits. My kind of guy!


Texas rabbit hunting among the wild hogs & other creatures. Cuney said his dogs don't pay them no attention because they're after rabbits.


Now we go from Texas to Maine where Ray Dionne is having a great season chasing snowshoe hare with 2 red-ticks out of Maria & Scooter named Nico & Rebel.


Look at that smile! Is there anything better than seeing a kid that loves hunting.


Rebel & Nico can handle the most severe weather as they hunt on snow & ice regularly. Ray told me anyone who's worried about the dogs ability on snow can just ask him about it because he has had these dogs on snow since they were young pups. Ray bought these 2 as 5 month old started dogs.


I'm truly amazed at what Ray has done with these dogs. He always sends me pics of very successful hunts. Thanks Ray!


Gino Castagna had a good hunt on 1/31/16 with Thunder & Lightning.


Here was Gino's last day of the season in Missouri. You guys have got some rabbits & those 2 young dogs are sure producing. Keep up the good work!


Chase Hall enjoys rabbit hunting in the Michigan snow


Doug Tomlin sent me this pic. Wow what a hunt! These boys are fired up from the looks of this pic.


Cody Pruitt got the 1st rabbit oof the day on 2/20/16. Marly & Harley are the 2 young pups looking on.


David Russell got a nice swamp rabbit on 2/20/16 on a hunt in Abbeyville, MS


Timmy Pruitt got several rabbits on the 2 hunts we had this season. Thanks Timmy for having us out. It was a blast!


These were some big swamp rabbits


We ended up with 6 for the day. We had at leat 4 that were put in holes of trees or in the ground. A lot of good races & music.


I got the 1st rabbit of the day on 2/27/16 in Bucksnort, TN & finished the day with 2. We really struggled due to the weather but we enjoyed it. Yeti is excited to see the rabbit.


Ronnie got a cottontail after running up the steep hills of TN to try to get a shot on several races. Uga is excited to see the rabbit.


I'm not sure if David is showing Ronnie or the dogs the rabbit but this photo looks hilarious. Maybe David is trying to block Ronnie's face from being in the pic.


Darrel Hartsfield got a rabbit toward the end of the day. Doesn't he look thrilled? Darrel finds it hard to smile but I think I understand because his hunting partner is Chris Baxter & that could make it hard for anyone to smile. Lol


Chris Baxter invited us to go hunting in Pegram, TN & Bucksnort, TN on 2/27/16. You can tell from the pic that we will hunt with just about anyone even if they wear a sorry ugly looking hat with a T on it. Chis was a lot of fun to be with & I'll hunt with him again even if I have to bring him a hat. Lol


5 rabbits on a tough windy warm day wasn't bad plus we had Chris Baxter for a guide. Our dogs did well for the circumstances. Left to right: David Russell, Darrel Hartsfield, Ronnie Horton, & David Wring.


Phil Finch got the first rabbit of the day on 2/28/16. Nice big swamp rabbit. Harley is the young pup rared up on Phil. We were hunting near Brownsville, TN.


Hayden Qualls enjoyed rabbit hunting & he gave Jr, owned by Steven Reagan, some attention. 




Baby Girl


Georgia & Baby Girl decided to do some tree climbing while on this hunt. Steven Reagan owns Baby Girl & she's a great young dog that has no quit.


We only got 3 rabbits for the day. Rabbits were tough to find & the weather was extremely ridiculous with high winds & temperatures around 70 but it was an awesome day & a great hunt because Hayden Qualls got his first ever rabbit. 


This is what makes me want to raise great dogs & keep on working hard because this is what it is all about. Jeremy & Hayden got to experience a special moment as father & son. That is priceless to me & I am a lucky man to have been a small part of it. Let's do it again next year guys & hopefully on a day with cooler temps so we can burn em up.


Hayden was fired up as was Baby Girl. Nothing like a  smiling young man & an excited young dog.


True hunted the last 3 days of the season. This girl is gonna be a superstar. She's already turning heads at 10 months old. She only laid down to rest when we took a break. Other than that she went all day even in the warm weather & is absolutely "on fire". When she gets after a rabbit it is on! 


Last day of season was a successful day of hunting. We harvested 11. Some of the guys had to leave before I could get a group pic but we had a great time & the dogs were kept busy running rabbits.


We had to keep getting the dogs to water so no one got overheated.


Levi Pruitt had a big time on 2/29/16. It won't be too long before he gets his first rabbit. I hope I'm there when it happens.


Levi spent the day with his dad, Cody, & his grandad, Timmy Pruitt. Levi had a big time eating nutty buddies & riding the ranger around. He even managed to get a nap in spite of all the dogs running & gunfire. Enjoy him Cody because they grow up way too fast.       © Beagles On Fire 2012