Hunting Season '14 - '15

I always enjoy seeing the pics people send me of their successful hunts because I know they're enjoying their dogs & the great outdoors as well. This season is off to a good start & I look forward to a great season. 

I know there is always some people who question just how good could the young started dogs be but the proof is right here on this page so check out how several of the young dogs are doing with their new owners.


Ray Dionne from Maine found success with Nico & Rebel. This was their first hare on 10/3/14.


Nico & Rebel got them another hare


Looks like Ray has some real hunting partners especially his son. This was the second hare for Nico & Rebel.


Gino Castagna from Missouri sent me this pic which was the first rabbit for his young dogs, Thunder & Lightning on 10/16


If that smile doesn't get you fired up nothing will. Look at the size of those hare. They're almost as big as Ray's son!


Ray just keeps on having great success with Nico, Rebel, & his finished dog


Jaedin Blankenship got her first deer on 11/1 in Missouri. Jaedin is only 9 years old & by the smile on her face it looks like she is hooked now. Great job Jaedin. You're a natural!


Hunter is now 17 & is "in love" not just with the outdoors. He took his girlfriend, Savannah to the deer stand & she got her first & second deer ever. That's a great date in my opinion. Way to go Savannah! Looks like your guide put you on some deer. Wonder who told him which stand to take you to? Lol


Kyle Karmas & Derrik Chamberlain had a big hunt on 11/16. Tip is on the left & is a dog Kyle bought here last year. Great job guys. Looks like the rabbits are plentiful in Missouri.



Alex Blankenship who is 14 years old wasn't gonna take a back seat to her younger sister, Jaedin. Alex harvested this bruiser on 11/15/14 in Missouri. Way to go Alex! What a buck & what a smile!


Katti Landry put her new deer rifle to good use when she shot this 7 pointer & harvested her first buck in Louisiana. Looks like the ladies are getting all the deer this year.


Tom Wyatt had a good hunt with his young dog, Cash, on 11/16 in Illinois


Ella Wesley Davis was hunting with her dad, Bryan on 11/24/14 when she got this 9 pointer; her first buck & what a buck it was. Look at this big brute! Congratulations Ella! That is an amazing buck. How hard was it to wrestle the gun away from your dad? Lol


Savannah Hollis got an 8 pointer which was her first buck ever while hunting with Hunter on 11/27/14. Who would have thought "date night" would look like this. You better treat her right son! It looks like she can shoot.

I don't think I've ever had this many pics of girls. Most of the time it's just boys pics. It's great to see all these pretty ladies being successful.


Jason Blankenship was successful with his pack of beagles on 11/27/14. This was the first 2 rabbits that he got with Cash that he bought from us.


Gino Castagna from Missouri had a nice hunt on 11/28/14 with his 2 young dogs, Thunder & Lightning.


Gino had another good day with his daughter & Thunder & Lightning on 12/14/14.


Jason Blankenship had a good hunt on 12/24/14 with his dogs including Cash on the right. Looks like they had a great hunt!


Cuney Woodard wasted no time getting his 2 new Peyton females out hunting rabbits. Looks like they're excited. 


Cuney's Peyton female with her 1st rabbit


Will Kirkbride & his cousin, Curt had some success on 12/26/14. Doug Kirkbride said Maggie & Chief did a good job & they had good races.


THe Blankenship family had a great day in the field on 12/28/14 with Cash & the newest addition, Katy out of Natural & Joe.


Alex got her 1st rabbit on the hunt so she now has a nice buck & a rabbit for this season. Jaedin you better get on the stick & not let your sister have all the fun.


Cuney Woodard had a good hunt with his young dogs on 12/30/14 


On 12/31/14 Ethan Cruce got his 1st rabbit. That smile says it all. He had a great hunt with his dad & their young started dog they named Ready. I think Ethan & Ready are gonna make a great team. The rabbits better look out!


We finally took a break from training dogs & went to the field for a hunt on 12/31/14. Hunter shot the first rabbit of our hunt. Now that's a nice swamp rabbit.


Gunter Hester got a swamp rabbit as well


This little cottontail was caught by the dogs


The dogs poured it on this swamp rabbit for so long that he was literally run to death. 


Hunter hamming it up for the camera


We had a great hunt & races were outstanding. The dogs jumped about 12 rabbits but several decided to find a hole due to the pressure the dogs were putting on them. We ended up with 7 rabbits for the day but the dogs ran the majority of the time we were out there. Great times with family. Ben Bramlett, Gunter Hester, David Wring, & Hunter Wring.


Ray said 20 degree weather with 30 mph winds couldn't stop Nico from producing this snowshoe hare. Gotta be tough to hunt in Maine.


Cory Parr had a successful hunt with his dog, Creed on 1/1/15


Joe Eidson with his young dog, Blue Moon on 1/1/15. This was Blue Moon's 1st rabbit.


Brian Bourne had a big hunt on 1/3/15. Here's his text about the hunt:

We've had some good hunts this year but today was really special because Bentley and Redneck the razorback stole the show. Nobody believes me when I tell them they are only 18 months old! Our shooting was awful which led to a lot of rabbits going to hole and crossing creeks... This should have been a 20+ day but we are blaming it on cheap ammunition. We'll come up with a new excuse next weekend. 


Beka Taylor got her first deer ever on 1/3/15 at our farm while hunting with her husband, Nick. When I asked her what her secret for success was she said Nick let her use his pink boots. Congrats Beka. That's a nice doe. Since you had to bring home the bacon, see if you can get Nick to cook it.


Grant Scott got his first rabbit on 1/10/15 while hunting in Arkansas with his dad & Brian Bourne. Brian said the weather was tough being in the 20's & dry but the dogs did well & they got 5 as a group but the highlight was Grant getting his first rabbit.


Floyd Bean in Texas had a good time with his 3 started dogs on 1/17/15


Cuney Woodard had another good hunt in Texas on 1/18/15


Billy shot this swamper on 1/19/15 on a hunt we had at Fitch Farms 


Tyler Taylor caught on to rabbit hunting real quick on a hunt we went on down near Batesville, MS on 1/24/15.


Nick Taylor decided when he shot his rabbit which took quite a few shots to bring down. I guess it was just an extra tough rabbit because I heard numerous shots & I'm sure Nick would never miss a rabbit. When I went around to investigate Nick pulled a rabbit out of his vest that his dad had shot previously & tried to say he shot 2 rabbits. I guess when you wear Costa sunglasses you can pull that off. I will say this for Nick, if you ever go on a rabbit hunt with him you will have some of the most fancy summer sausage & cheese you've ever ate. The only thing missing was the grey poupon & the silver serving platter.


Jr & Chase deciding on who gets to retrieve the rabbit.


Jr got the honors


Tyler was so happy to whoop his big brother in who killed the most rabbits that he can't even open his eyes for the pic. He's either replaying it all in his head or he's thanking the Good Lord for such a great day. Tyler got 4.


We had a great hunt on 1/25/14. As a group we got 10 which was pretty good considering several went straight to holes but most importantly the dogs performed well & we had a great time of fellowship & the opportunity to meet some new friends. Thanks Nick, Tyler, Bill, Garret, & Charlie. I had a great time. Let's do it again soon! There's no telling what Nick will bring us to eat next time.


Will Kirkbride had a great hunt with his dad, Doug, & their dogs on 1/24/15. Chief, Maggie, Anne, & Annie are excited to see the rabbit. Great job Will!


Maggie wants the rabbit but Will thinks she's trying to kiss him. Lol I bet Will won't be acting that way toward girls in a few years.


Logan Winters & his dad Lamont had a great day on 1/25/15. Logan has got that BB gun going good. Here's what Lamont text me:

Hello Dave,

I just wanted to give you an update on Lucy. I can not be happier with her, she holds the line right up front. Logan & I were able to go out today. We ran 5 races & managed to get 2.

This is what it's all about, getting kids out hunting. Keep up the good work Logan!


On 1/28/15 I had the privilege to take Chris Hightower deer hunting on the farm. This was a bittersweet moment for me & I'm sure for Chris as well. You see the first time I ever took Chris it was a couple of years ago & it was with Chris & his father. Unfortunately, Mr Hightower lost his battle with cancer a few months ago. I know he was looking down from heaven & that he is proud of Chris. He's proud of you Chris not just because you went hunting but more importantly because you are continuing to do the things he wanted by making good grades, being respectful, & working hard to be the man you need to be. I just want you to know I feel lucky to have the chance to take you. Keep up the good work. 

Chris made a great shot from over 100 yards & got his deer.


Kelsey Coleman & his buddies had a good hunt on 1/29/15. Jimbo & Gator did well & the group got 3 swampers & 6 cottontails.


Kelsey & Jimbo were back at it again on 1/30/15


David Russell showing his young pup a swamp rabbit he got on 1/31/15.


Chris Baxter got his first swamp rabbit on 1/31/14

It was my honor to get to hunt with Chris Baxter on 1/31/15. David Russell, Chris, & I went after some swamp rabbits. We only harvested 3 rabbits total but we had several blow down races during our half day hunt & had some to hole up in trees, & a few misses as well but we had a great time.

I know Chris will be embarrassed that I say this but I want to just say publicly how proud I am to know him. Chris is an American hero & he would never say that but I will proudly say it.

Chris served in the Marine Corp & spent 7 months in pure hell over in Iraq. He is lucky to be alive, having been shot 2 times, hit with IED's 2 times, & even having a rocket propelled grenade knock him unconscious. I can't begin to imagine what you went through Chris but I want to say thank you for your service to this Great Nation. I consider it an honor to call you my friend.


While on the hunt with Chris, David decided to show him how the Air Force trained him to take careful aim on your target & hit a tree dead center while the swamp rabbit just continued to run off. I'm not sure what the tree ever did to David but he sure messed it up.


If you ever see this in the woods you can rest assured that David Russell has been hunting rabbits there.


Gino had another good hunt on 2/1/15 with Dallas & a friend. Looks like Thunder & Lightning are really doing the job especially for 2 young started dogs. 


Brian Bourne has got Redneck & Bentley super fired up. What a hunt they had on 2/1/15 in Arkansas.


Lee Meena got his first ever rabbit on 2/7/15 while on a hunt at Snake Creek Farms. This was the first rabbit of the day & Lee made a perfect shot on his first attempt. 


Lee's mom wanted a picture of Lee with the rabbit & one of the beagles. Georgia is making sure that rabbit doesn't run off. It's great to get to see young people get involved in hunting. I absolutely love to be a part of their first rabbit hunt.


William Garrard & Lee Meena enjoying the hunt.


Mickey Carpenter shot 2 rabbits on our hunt. I think we were all shocked with his shooting skills this year especially when he only shot once each time.


I had a great time at Snake Creek as usual & got these 2. Lynn McGee told us to only shoot the rabbits when they had both back feet off the ground & only the right front foot touching the ground. He really tries to make it hard on a hunter but I managed to follow his rules on both of these. Lol


Hunter, Jr was the real star of the hunt. He retrieved 4 out of 5 rabbits that we harvested on 2/7/15 & 1 out of 3 on 2/8/15. I felt like I'd stepped back in time to the hunts I had with Hunter, his sire, when I'd see him come prancing down the lane with the rabbit. He would always bring it to me. Words can't express the pride you feel when you own a dog like that. Some of the retrieves were from a long way off. Gotta love a dog that knows when he's doing something special.


Katti & Stewart Landry sent me these pics from their hunt in Louisiana on 2/7/15.


That's a great hunt with some very fine dogs. Katti & Stewart have really turned these young dogs into some rabbit crazy machines. I think when you ask them which one is their favorite they'll both say "all of them". I think it's time for me to head south. Lol


Cuney Woodard's dog Rambo is excited to see this swamp rabbit from a hunt in Texas on 2/8/15.


Cuney has got these young dogs singing the song on some rabbits. Another good hunt in Texas on 2/8/15.


Gino Castagna & his son, Dallas, had a tremendous hunt in Missouri on 2/15/15. The 2 dogs in the pic are Lightning & Thunder. Both are just 10 months old & were the only dogs on the hunt. I get asked all the time "can you have success with just started dogs?" Well I think this picture speaks for itself.

You've done a great job with these 2 young dogs Gino. You picked them up at 5 months old & have done a tremendous job with them. I can't imagine how good they'll be when they're 2 years old.


Cuney Woodard was at it again on 2/15/15. He said they had several races lasting over an hour. I think you've educated the rabbits in Texas & they know they better run a long way.


Dylan Branham from Ohio sent me this pic of Gus out hunting on 2/21/15 in 8" of snow. Gotta love the dedication of the dog & hunter.


Nathan Warren had a great hunt harvesting 10 rabbits with his dogs, Blue & Jack, in Louisiana on 2/21/15. I think the rabbit population is just praying for the season to end. Lol. Looks like Nathan has got it going on. He ain't playing around!


Daniel Clark got the first rabbit of the day on 2/22/15 while we were hunting in Arkansas. Jr retrieved it after the shot. Daniel ended up getting a couple of rabbits.


Brian Bourne got in on the action. This is Brian with his Redneck & Bentley. They are only 18 months old but they can absolutely burn a rabbit up & handled like a dream. Brian has done a great job with these 2 since he came & bought them at 5 months old. Keep up the great work.


Nothing like standing in an opening hearing a great race with strong wind blowing rain in your face. We were either crazy or dedicated. I know others will say we are just crazy but I figured if the dogs were gonna work for a rabbit the lead I could do is be there too.


Got to wonder about a guy that blows the back strap out but then again he is from Arkansas.


He claimed his gun was off. Hottie, Bentley, & Little Ann are observing the damage.


We ended up with 6 rabbits which isn't a huge number but it's very good for a day filled with 35 mph winds & rain that was on & off until late afternoon when the rain was so heavy it literally was pouring in my boots. We had some great races though.


Hubert Wilz sent this pic of his successful hunt on 2/22/15 in Louisianna. Hubert has some very good rabbit dogs including Deacon & a Tiger female. What a hunt!


Steve Reagan broke his foot & hasn't been able to hunt like he normally does but he didn't let that stop him from going & getting one on 2/22/15.


Steve has Cher spoiled rotten. She gets to ride the 4 wheeler after running rabbits hard. Looks like she's the boss. Lol


Brian Bourne was back at it on 2/22/15. Brian shot 4 rabbits on the hunt. He was just in the right place at the right time.


While hunting I walked through a thicket to find this laying dead only a few yards away. None of the dogs paid it any attention.


It was my pleasure to get to hunt with Brian Bourne, Daniel Clark, & Tony Scott & to be a guest at the Bucks & Ducks Hunting Lodge in Arkansas. The lodge is unbelievable. We didn't harvest big numbers but we had some great races & a great time. Tony is a great cook & Daniel will entertain you with his weather updates on amounts of rainfall.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to hunt with y'all. Hopefully we can do it again one day. 


What a show place!


Anthony Keith & his son had a great hunt in Georgia on 2/22/15. Trixie is doing a great job. Anthony told me she is running very strong & usually is the 3rd dog in the race in a pack of 7. Not bad at all for a 10 month old pup. She's gonna really be something next season I bet. Good job guys. Y'all are doing a great job with her.


David Russell, Chris Baxter, & Darrel Hartsfield listening to a race on 2/28/15


Jr showed out on this hunt. We shot a total of 5 & he retrieved every one of them. Got to love a dog that will bring you a rabbit. He's getting better at it the older he gets. I made a long shot on this one.


All of these dogs blistered this rabbit but when it's over Jr stands out in a crowd


Rabbit #2 for the day.


Jr gets to the rabbit first after a good race


He had started retrieving it but this one tasted funny to him because someone shot the back straps up pretty bad.


Chris was the back strap specialist. I guess he was trained by Brian Bourne. It's bad when a 50 year old man has to tell you the rabbit is coming & then point out where it's coming out at so you can shoot a rabbit. I had already killed 2 so I figured if Chris was going to get anything I better help him. I think Tracker is wondering why the rabbit is shot in the back. Lol


Showing some of the young dogs the rabbit


This was the this girl's 1st hunt. She's crazy about a dead rabbit. I had her & her sister on this hunt & they were hunting great & in every race. You'd never know they hadn't been on a real hunt before.


Chris got this swamp rabbit on the same hunt & although I didn't point it out I did yell to him that it was coming.


Hunter got the rabbit for Chris after he shot it.


What a dog!


Chris with his 3rd rabbit of the day. Now I'll give Chris his due on this one. I missed it & Chris rolled it. Of course a good friend will sometimes do that so others can have fun too. 


David Russell's dog, Tracker, is a bloody mess after running hard all day.


Chris took a page out of David Russell's play book when he harvested this trophy privet hedge.


What a shot! The tree never knew what hit it.


We ended up with 5 rabbits which may not seem like a great hunt to some but when you can hear some great races, see dogs do some awesome things, & spend time in the woods with friends; what more could you ask for?


Brian Bourne had another great day with Redneck & Bentley on 2/28/15


Cuney Woodard had a productive hunt on 2/28/15


Mike Pittman send me this pic from their hunt on 2/28/15. 20 swampers. What a hunt!


Frank Porter had an unbelievable hunt in Arkansas on 2/28/15. This group got 40 rabbits. Frank said Mindy (a Sandy daughter) & Tabasco (a Scooter daughter) put on a clinic. What an incredible amount of rabbits!


I was fortunate to get an invitation to travel to Louisiana on 3/9-10/15. They have a bonus season on private land. I used this opportunity to get some of my youngest dogs the chance to actually go hunting. For some of my dogs, this was their first rabbit. Pepper, Hammer, Peach, & 3 others I haven't named yet seemed to enjoy the sight of rabbits after a good chase.


Nothing like seeing them excited       © Beagles On Fire 2012