Hunting Season '13-'14

Seems like the off season flew by & I can't believe the new season is here already. We have been very busy during the off season with all the pups being born, breeding dogs, building new kennels in the starting pens, & expanding the number of puppy pens we had to accommodate all the new pups we had born here. This is by far the biggest year to date in regards to the number of pups we have raised.

I have been very blessed so much more than I deserve in so many ways. People ask me all the time how do you get all of this done when they see the kennels, number of pups, training pens, etc. I always tell them the same thing………my wife. 

I am blessed to have a wife that never complains about my addiction to beagles. She is the person behind the scenes that deals with the things that aren't the fun things to do but the most necessary things needed. From cleaning the kennels to giving shots to pups, Jennifer is there day in & day out year round working to make the operation the most professional it can be. What a partner to make life a lot more happy! I definitely don't know what i did to get such a wife but thank God love is blind because she's for sure out of my league.

Another blessing this year has been all of the new people I've got to meet & new friends I've made. It's always great to meet great people doing what you love.

Here's some highlights of the season:


Isabel Guerin & Julia Guerin with Chief & Thorn on opening day of rabbit season in Louisiana. Julia got her first rabbit. She is 7 years old. What a great day & a great memory with their dad, George. You are gonna have a bunch of boys coming around in the next few years George. We may have to train those beagles to run the boys off. Congratulations girls!


George took Evan Capps out on 10/11/13 along with his newest little fireball, Alibi, that was bought here. This was Alibi's 1st rabbit. She's doing great & is gonna be something else.


Here's a scary picture. It looks like I grew horns. On 10/22/13, I harvested a big doe while on a bow hunt in Stafford, Kansas with 3 firemen from Georgia where I was a fireman for 14 years. We didn't care for the outfitter we used. It's a shame that people can't be honest & run a professional business but we had a good time of fellowship in spite of it all. I saw 58 deer but only 1 with horns & it was a spike. This is only my second deer with a bow. I'm usually running dogs instead of sitting in a deer stand.


On 10/26/13 Julia Guerin showed the world that a 7 year old girl can out hunt most adults when she took this awesome 8 point buck in Louisiana. This was her 1st deer. What a 1st deer! Julia, I think I should have paid you to be my guide instead of going to Kansas. Great job!


On 10/27/13, Mark Belden sent me this pic of his daughter, Breanna, & his 5 month old started dog, Blossom. Pics like this are what make me love what I'm doing with these dogs. Look at that smile! This girl is hooked on hunting with dad now until she finds out about boys in a few years. Enjoy the time you have with her Mark because they grow up way too fast. Mark has done a great job with Blossom since he bought her from us & is the only beagle he has so she has to do it all by herself.


Katti Landry proved that hunting isn't just for the guys or kids. She harvested her first rabbit on 10/10/13 & then shot 2 more on 11/1/13. Her first rabbit was killed all by herself. She took the dogs out by herself & make the shot without any help from her husband, Stewart. She's got it going on!


I'd say she's hooked. Look out Stewart! You may be doing the housework now while she's out hunting.


Not bad for an LSU fan!


Got this pic from Jeffrey Snyder on 11/1/13 of Breeze with his 1st rabbit. This young pup soloed this rabbit till Jeffrey shot it. Breeze is doing great & is coming on strong!


On 11/10/13 Hunter went to the deer stand with his bow & got a nice doe. This was his first ever deer with a bow. He was as excited as he could be. He made a great shot on her at 25 yards & she only went 50 yards. Now he's hooked on bow hunting. Way to go buddy! 


Corbin Cox is a coon hunting machine. He got these big ringtails on 11/16/13. He went with a friend who's fine dogs put these up a tree & Corbin took it from there. Way to go Lefty! He's hooked & is hunting as many nights as his mom will let him.


I got this pic from Kyle Karmas. On 11/23/13 Kyle took Tip out on a hunt. Tip jumped the 1st 2 rabbits of the day & Kyle & his buddies got both of these. You can't beat that for a 5 month old dog. Tip is well on his way to being a great rabbit dog & Kyle is getting excited each time he takes Tip out.


 Kyle with his 4 dogs after a nice hunt on 11/23/13. They had a good day with some great races & got 4 rabbits.


On 11/29/13 Hunt Sanders & David Gobel had a great hunt in Alabama with their 2 young 1 year old dogs, Cyclone & Maggie AKA Hailey. These 2 are out of Peggy & are doing great.


Richard Ohler from West Virginia wasted no time getting his 5 month old male, Biscuit after some rabbits on 12/3/13. Biscuit is doing great. This is Richard's dad & his dad's buddy who were real impressed with Biscuit on his first time out with them.


Matthew Pierce, along with his pappy, Bubba, showing off Matthew's 8 pointer he shot in Louisiana. Matthew is 13 & is into hunting. Keep on being addicted to hunting Matt & don't get addicted to the many terrible things life throws at you. You've got your whole life ahead of you so make it a great one & keep yourself involved in the great outdoors. It's the best "high" their is.


Stewart Landry had a big hunt with his son & cousin in November.


Cuney Woodard took Sox out on 12/10/13 & shot this nice Texas swamper. This was Sox first rabbit & Cuney said Sox is now "fired up". I love seeing these pics when people get a young started dog & go get some rabbits with them because it gets those dogs even more rabbit crazy & it makes me proud to be a part of their success.


Matthew Pierce was back at it on 12/11/13 on a hunt with his mom, Katti. Now that's different! How many times have you heard of a mom taking her son rabbit hunting? Matthew looks like he had a good time. 


Corbin Cox is the 13 year old ring tail king. This kid takes his coon hunting serious. He goes most nights & is crazy about it. He got these 2 on 12/11/13.


Lou Palazzolo took Barkley out with some other dogs on 12/12/13. They killed 5 rabbits & Barkley jump 2 of them. That's a great start for a 5 month old dog's first hunting trip. I have been asked how my dogs will do in the snow. I'd say from the looks of this pic they adapt real well. Keep him on them rabbits Lou. I think you've got a keeper!


Mark Belden from Michigan had a great hunt on 12/14/13. It was 20 degrees with 6 inches of powdery snow & was the first time Blossom was ever run in the snow. Mark bought Blossom back on 9/7/13 when she was 4 months old. Blossom is Mark's only beagle so she's got to do it all. What an amazing dog to do this well by herself at this age. It's proof that if you'll run them a lot great things will happen. Mark has done an outstanding job with this dog.


Mike Pittarelli

 Mike & Mario Pittarelli from Toronto, Canada are probably 2 of the most insane rabbit hunting nuts you'll ever meet. On 12/15/13 ,with a windchill  of -20, they took Bull, Lefty, & Jackie out after a snowshoe hare. This successful hunt is amazing on several levels: 

Who hunts in this kind of weather? The dogs they took were not experienced dogs used to snow or that kind of temperature. Lefty had been down here in the south running in much warmer temperatures. Bull is just 5 months old & Jackie is only 4 months old. Jackie is out of a cracker jack of a dog that Mike & Mario had named Jack. Unfortunately they lost Jack to a health issue at a very young age.

The snow was a foot deep or better & wasn't packed yet so most of the time all you could see was the dog's head & tail but they chased this snowshoe for over an hour.

I couldn't be any prouder of this report from my new friends north of the border. You guys are some kind of dedicated or just plain crazy as the dogs are. 

This is a first for Beagles On Fire because I've never had a person who bought dogs from me to use them on snowshoe & send me a pic of it so congratulations on being the first to get a snowshoe with dogs I raised. I'm sure it won't be the last. This was also Bull's 1st rabbit. What a way to start his career as a rabbit dog.


Mario Pittarelli

Check out the back legs on that joker


Logan Becker got his first swamper & first cotton tail on 12/15/13.  I'd say from that smile he had a big time while hunting with Kyle Karmas from Dexter, Missouri. Kyle has 4 beagles including Tip that he bought from me. Kyle is doing a great job of keeping Tip in rabbits & is having a great season.

Clardy Buck

Cal Clardy harvested this very nice buck in Tennessee on 11/30/13. What a buck! Good job Cal.


Kyle Karmas was back at it again on 12/18/13. His group got their limit. Tip (3rd dog to the right) is sure getting a great season with Kyle. Tip is a young started dog Kyle bought here on 11/3/13. Kyle has harvested several rabbits with Tip & his other 3 dogs. I'd say his season is already a success & he still has 2 months to go.


Larry Porter sent me this pic from a hunt on 12/22/13. He text me that Mindy, a daughter of Sandy, is leading his pack & Tabasco, a son of Jane, have become great rabbit dogs. Larry bought these dogs as young started dogs & has done a great job with them. It's great to see the success of these dogs.


Mark Belden was back at it again on 12/22/13 with his young dog, Blossom. Mark is having a great season & he's doing it all with just this young started dog.


Brian Bourne sent me this pic of Bentley with his 1st rabbit on 12/22/13. Bentley jumped this rabbit & got a check during the race. Bentley is off to a great start & I'm sure he will turn out to be a real good one.

Lane Bourne & Bentley

Lane Bourne & Bentley look like they both enjoyed the hunt. This rabbit was run so hard he crossed a 40 acre hayfield.


Cole McGowen went rabbit hunting with his uncle, Kyle Karmas on 12/24/13. Cole had a great time & was successful on his first trip out with Tip. Is there anything better than an excited young kid & a young excited rabbit dog? Kyle is getting pretty popular & is probably gonna have a lot of new friends each rabbit season.


I finally took a break from training young dogs & actually went hunting with Ron Horton & David Russell on 12/24/13. Ron got the first rabbit of the day. Cutie Pie was excited to see her 1st rabbit. Cutie Pie is 1 year old. I had run her a lot but had never took her with a gun because I've been so busy working with other dogs to get ready. She did a great job.


David Russell with Tracker on 12/24/13. David bought Tracker last year & has got this dog fired up! He is so excited about rabbits that he will literally jump shoulder high when you show him a rabbit.


Ron got 2 rabbits of the 5 we harvested. I won't say how many shots Ron took but I'll just say that he did a lot of calling the dogs over after he pulled the trigger & the dogs would take off again. Ron uses "tally-ho" which I think is French for "I missed". Remember Ron, high brass is better.


David also got 2 rabbits & was feeling sorry for Ron's shooting woes so he shot more than 2 times as well to try & make Ron feel better. I shot the last rabbit of the day & used 1 shot. I don't know who's buying their shells but I can't afford to shoot like these two. Lol

This was the 1st gun hunt for Cutie Pie (on the left) & Dynamite (on the right). They are 1 year old litter mates. These girls are absolutely on fire & loved it. I saw Dynamite jump the last rabbit we got & she was gone with it. I can't wait to do it again. The only draw back to what I do is the time I put into the dogs I sell means that I don't get to hunt my dogs as much but I love running dogs as much as I love to hunt so it's all good.


On 12/29/13 I had the pleasure of taking Austin Alexander on a deer hunt along with his dad, Jeff. We went the evening before but had no luck. I told them they were welcome to try again the next morning. They hadn't planned on staying but Austin begged his dad who gave in. 

We went out to a stand early but nothing came in to the food plot until after 9:30. This big doe stepped out but she was on my side of the stand. Austin had to manuver around & adjust which wasn't the easiest thing to do but Austin, who is 13, did a perfect job of getting set up & dropped this deer from a shot of 52 yards which didn't surprise me because Austin shoots left handed. Lefties don't play around.

After the shot, Austin was shaking like a leaf with excitement over his first deer. I don't know who was more excited between Austin & his dad. This boy is hooked now. Hopefully he will get a rabbit soon as well. 

Jeff has bought a couple of dogs from me & I think it's a great thing that these 2 can enjoy the great outdoors together. I feel blessed to have been a part of this great father / son memory. Great job Austin! Keep on hunting & stay addicted to this & off of the many temptations in life you will soon face. Remember this is the best "high" in life not drugs & alcohol. 



On 12/31/13, Genesis got her 1st rabbit while hunting with her uncle, Cunney Woodard, in Texas. Look out boys! Looks like you have some competition on rabbit hunting. Genesis is a great rabbit hunter in the making!


Genesis showing the dogs her rabbit


 Johnny Jones showing Georgia this nice cottontail he harvested on 1/11/14.


I had a lot of fun taking Mark George & Johnny Jones on a guided rabbit hunt on 1/11/14 on Mark's property in TN. The hunt was sold to raise money for Madonna Learning Center. Madonna is a school in Memphis for special needs children. My niece, Linsey, goes to Madonna. It's great to be able to help out in a small way doing what I love for a great cause. Thanks Mark for your hospitality & for your support to Madonna.


Johnny, Bear, Dandy, & Mark with a couple of cottontails taken on 1/11/14. We ran several rabbits but some shots didn't find their intended target. We all had a lot of fun though.


Brian Davis sent me this picture of a January hunt in Mississippi. Brian A.K.A. Hoss likes to hunt from a horse. The theme from Bonanza is now stuck in my head. Maybe Brian will soon start lassoing the rabbits. I can't wait for the video.


Here's a different looking family portrait sent to me by the Landry's from Louisiana. Stewart & Katti sent this picture along with the following text:

"The dogs are doing amazing. I can't complain about any of them Mohawk, Jojo, & Bell are awesome especially Bell! She is so impressive. We got 11 last weekend & could have got a lot more but just didn't want more. We really do have some awesome dogs."

Thanks for the update, Katti.


Lamont Winters sent me this pic from a hunt in January near St. Louis. Looks like Lucy is doing great.


Jeffrey Snyder, who bought Breeze, had a great hunt in Kentucky on 1/31/14


Cuney Woodard had a good day in Texas on 2/5/14


 I was very fortunate to get an invitation to Louisiana on 2/8/14 & 2/9/14. I took a very good pack down to do some rabbit hunting with some great people. What a lot of fun. Here's some pics of the hunt: 


Steve Guerin along with Hottie & Little Ann with a swamp rabbit Steve got.


George, myself, Frank, Lane, Dusty, & Steve along with 9 nice swamp rabbits we got on 2/8/14. The dogs did very well & ran far more rabbits than we killed. The place was loaded with deer. When deer got up they were in big groups. We never had the first deer race. Not bad for dogs ranging from 14 months to 4 years old.


George Guerin with his dog, Thorn, along with Milo who got this swamp rabbit on 2/9/14. Georgia, Cutie Pie, & Dandy are in the background. 




Thorn is very excited about the rabbit George shot & put on a show during the hunt. It's hard to believe that Thorn is only 11 months old when you see him hunt. I was proud of what I saw when I watched Thorn hunt. George has done a great job with Thorn since getting him from me back in September. 


Mr. Frank showing Little Ann the rabbit after a great race on 2/9/14.


I got in on the action both days & it was a great time. Dynamite is excited to see the rabbit along with Jr, Scrappy, Keeper, & Hottie.


The dogs actually caught this swamper. Dynamite, Georgia, & Keeper are in the background.


Another swamper bites the dust on 2/9/14


We ended up with 11 swamp rabbits on 2/9/14 on an awesome half day hunt. The hunting & hospitality were unbelievable. Thanks guys for allowing a Georgia Bulldog to come & hunt with some very fine people even if they are LSU Tigers. Lol!


Cy & Hunter with a rabbit at Snake Creek on 2/15/14. Hunter fired a "warning" shot but when the rabbit came out on Cy he rolled the rabbit.

Rabbit pic

Ron Horton put his gun down & picked up his camera & got these awesome pics of our hunt at Snake Creek on 2/16/14. I think he shoots the camera better than he shoots his gun.

Rabbit pic #4

Will this rabbit make it? Lynn "Luge" McGee took aim with his freshly cleaned gun.

Jr Retrieving @ Snake Creek

The rabbit ran into the thick habitat & went about 30 yards before the race was over. Jr then came out. 

Jr Retrieving #2 @ Snake Creek

Jr made me very proud on both hunts this weekend retrieving 2 rabbits on Saturday & 2 on Sunday

Jr Retrieving #3 @ Snake Creek

Jr is looking like his dad, Hunter

Jr Retrieving #4 @ Snake Creek

What an awesome sight to see your dog come out prancing with the rabbit in his mouth & not a hair pulled out of it.

Jr Retrieving #5 @ Snake Creek

My mind goes back in time to the days of hunting with Hunter when this was what I saw every time out.

Jr Retrieving #6 W: Cutie Pie @ Snake Creek

Jr & Cutie Pie

Jr Retrieving to my hand @ Snake Creek

Bringing it to my hand

Jr Puts the rabbit in my hand @ Snake Creek

Getting some well deserved praise

Rabbit in hand after retrieve
Hunter & David with rabbit

Now the story gets funny. Lynn is always talking a lot of smack about things & is the world's biggest bs'er you've ever met. He will keep you in stitches laughing so we pulled a good one on him. 

While he was busy bragging about how he knew he didn't miss the rabbit, Hunter put something on Lynn's rabbit.

Lynn & David with double banded rabbit

Lynn came over & I gave the speech about how in all of my hunting I had never seen this happen before.

Lynn & David with double banded rabbit #3

Lynn had killed a "double banded" rabbit

Lynn & David with the double banded rabbit
Lynn AkA Double Band #2

What a prize!

David Russel with the dogs

David Russell putting the pack in the thicket

Rabbit Dogs Caught Snake Creek

The dogs caught this one

Si with rabbit #2 Snake Creek

Cy got another one


Hunter got a rabbit at Snake Creek


Shawn Hammond got in on the action


Giving Cutie Pie some loving after a good race. She's really doing great especially for a 14 month old dog.


Teenagers & cell phones. What more do I need to say?


Ron even captured a kill shot on camera


Cy showing the dogs the rabbit after a good race


Hunter doing a "Tebow" ?


David Russell got this rabbit after the dogs ran it for a good long race.


We didn't have as many rabbits at Snake Creek this year but we had a great time getting 9 rabbits each day.


Ben Ulmer got a quick lesson on how to shoot by his fiancé on 2/16/14. I was on the levee & the dogs were really putting it on the rabbit. I heard a shot & the race ended real soon after that so I knew Ben didn't do the shooting. I suggest Ben learn how to cook so when she brings home the meat Ben will know what to do.


On 2/21/14 I got to take some guys from Red Banks Baptist on a rabbit hunt. 


Nice swamp rabbit that Jr retrieved 


 2 swamp rabbits & 2 cottontails 


We didn't get a large number of rabbits but we had a great time just the same.


Katti & Stewart sent this pic from 2/22/14 in Louisiana. The group harvested 52 rabbits & the dogs did an awesome job. What a hunt!


Hunter got a nice swamper on 2/22/14 down in the Mississippi Delta.


Ronnie & Hunter with a cotton tail Hunter got on the same hunt.  The place was loaded with rabbits.


Jr retrieved this rabbit back to me 


Great memories with some great dogs


Ronnie got this great pic of Bear headed to the race


Dogs are in pusuit of a rabbit


Another retrieve for Jr


Jr is truly a special dog like his dad, Hunter


I got the privilege to do a charity hunt down in the Mississippi delta on 2/22/14. The place was loaded with rabbits & the group harvested 28 rabbits. 


I had a great time with this fine group of guys. Thanks for the invitation to go with y'all.

On 2/23/14, we went back to the Mississippi Delta for a charity hunt we donated to raise some money for the Memphis Charitable Organization that helps various charities in the Memphis area. 

It's a great cause & it's a lot of fun as well. I get to meet some great people & do what I love but most importantly we get to take some people on their first rabbit hunt.


Josh Woodman, 16 years old, got his first rabbit on 2/23/14.


Jr showing Cutie Pie & Bear how to retrieve on 2/23/14.


For me it doesn't get much better than helping a young man get hooked on rabbit hunting. Josh got 2 rabbits on the hunt & had a great time.


Josh & his dad, Andy both got some rabbits. Great memories between a father & son. That's what hunting is all about.


I'd say they had an awesome hunt. Everyone got some rabbits.


The group got 24 rabbits & their was a lot of action. Andy Woodman, Josh Woodman, George Woodman, David Wring, Andy's friend, & Hunter Wring

I received an invitation to come back to central Louisiana to rabbit hunt with my good friend George. There's a special extended season for landowners signed up for a program the state has which extends the season for about 10 days in March. I jumped at the chance to go back. The place is loaded with rabbits, deer, ducks, & other wildlife.


This swamp rabbit was the first rabbit for this young dog, Shonuff. She's fired up & had several rabbits killed in front of her while I was down there. She never came out of a race & is absolutely rabbit crazy.


Here's something I've never encountered while out rabbit hunting. George spotted this black bear in the area we were running dogs so I quickly got the dogs moved away without incident.


Jr & Cutie Pie excited at the end of the race


I had never got my limit of rabbits mostly because I'm more into hearing the races than shooting & when I'm with a group I pass up shots to make sure everyone gets a shot. George & I spent the day hunting 2 different packs of dogs. We didn't jump shoot anything & ran so many rabbits I lost track but it was a great day. This was #8 so I limited out. George finished with 3 but he did some videoing or he would have got more I'm sure.


Another successful day in Louisiana


A limit of 8 in Louisiana


George shot 3 in the same spot on the morning of 3/8/14. The dogs kept on jumping rabbits & running them. George was in the right spot. George has really done a lot of habitat work on his place & it shows. It is one of the best pieces of land I've ever had the privilege to set foot on. 


Andrew shot 2 rabbits on 3/8/14 as well. He got this swamper right by a deer stand. 


The season was a great success not because of the number of rabbits we shot but because the dogs performed so well. 

I'm not just talking about my dogs but the young dogs that were sold to other people. I really enjoyed the reports of their success from those of you who sent pics to me of your successful hunts with the young dogs. 

I assure you I will always do my best to ensure that the 2014 - 2015 season is a success as well. If you aren't happy with your success this past season give our dogs a try. 

Success is simply attained by getting the right dogs & running them a lot. Feed them rabbit tracks & they will amaze you.       © Beagles On Fire 2012