Hunting Season '12 - '13

Seems like this hunting season has been very strange as far as the weather goes. One day it's in the 40's & then a few days later it's in the 70's but we've been enjoying the days we do have just the same.

Here's some of the highlights of the season so far:


On 10/27/12 David Russell & I were invited to a "fun trial" in Covington, Tn. Neither of us had ever been to a field trial of any kind. I don't know that I'll ever go to one again even though we took 1st & 2nd in the Puppy Derby for dogs under 18 months old.

David also took "Best Hound" with Hank as well as 3rd place overall in the "Pack Trial" so Beagles on Fire was well represented.

The rules were you had 15 min to jump a rabbit with your pack of 6 or less with 30 min of run time & 15 min to get your dogs back & on a lead within 15 min of your 30 min hunt being over. The winner was to be the person who had the most positive run time within the 30 min.

We had a pretty good time of fellowship overall & met some new fellow beaglers but I've never heard so much whining by grown men over whether certain things were fair like the spot they drew to run their pack in, saying it didn't have any rabbits after my pack ran the same area & jumped 2. We couldn't run either rabbit real great but it was tough scenting conditions. It just amazes me that grown men will raise such a ruckus over a little plaque.

I don't understand field trials enough to be anywhere close to an expert on the subject but I do know a great rabbit dog when I see one & I'm not worried about whether they put ribbons & tons of trophies on my wall. I just want my dogs to burn a rabbit up.

2012-11-11 10.19.20

On 11/11/12 Lamont took Lucy out by herself to a spot that had a good bit of rabbits. She jumped 4 & Lamont along with his son, Logan harvested the first rabbit of Lucy's career. Lucy was only 8 months old at the time so that's real good for a dog that young to jump & run rabbits all by herself at that age. She's gonna be something else when she's 2 years old I bet. 

When I get a picture like this it really sums up what I started doing this for because what I see when I look at this picture is a man that's very proud of his dog & a young kid with an undeniable smile of happiness but more importantly a father & son spending time together & a kid hopefully getting hooked on hunting that could help him stay out of trouble with life's many troubles. 

I wish I could get more kids involved in hunting & the outdoors because it breaks my heart to see our kids having so many negative things tugging at them & trying to steer them off course. We need to teach them that guns are not a problem when used in the right manner & that you can get "high" on life without drugs, etc.

Congratulations Lamont! You're doing great with the dog but more importantly you're being a great dad to Logan.


Hunter put some meat on our table with this nice doe taken at our farm on 11/15/11. He did everything on his own except loading it to haul it in. This boy is a natural born hunter.


On 11/17/12 I had the privilege of taking Chris Hightower hunting for the first time. He obviously had "beginners luck" harvesting a nice 6 pointer for his first ever deer. The buck may not seem like a trophy to those of us experienced hunters but it's a monster to a kid who is now on cloud 9 & is totally crazy about deer hunting. 

The most special part to me about this hunt is that his father, Mr. Hightower was in the stand to witness this great accomplishment. You see Mr Hightower has been battling cancer for some time now & every day is a special gift from God. 

When you see how he approaches life under these circumstances & you see the awesome bond between Mr. Hightower & Chris you can't help but have a great respect for both of them. It really made me stop & think about some of the things that I complain about in life & makes me realize that I am very blessed & that I shouldn't complain about the small problems I have compared to what some others are facing.

Thanks Chris & Mr. Hightower for the honor of spending some time with you on that memorible day.



Little Joe & Buddy excited about their first rabbit

On 11/20/12 I told Hunter to bring his 20 gauge to introduce the young dogs to the gun. I told him that we weren't trying to kill any, so just shoot up at the tree tops each time the rabbit crossed & the dogs were running it as long as it wasn't right over top of the dogs to prevent any from being gun shy.

The rabbit crossed the same lane 5-6 times & the dogs were really getting after it. Each time Hunter would fire up at the tree tops & not a single dog reacted to the shot. They just kept on running it.

Hunter was getting tore up watching that rabbit cross & like most any 15 year old he was more interested in hunting than training so while I'm videoing Hunter decided to point the gun at the rabbit & according to him he "accidentally" shot his first rabbit of the season.

It was very good for the young dogs & they loved seeing their first rabbit shot over them. You can watch the video by clicking on the link that's located on the Started dog page.



My daughter, Lisa came to see us for Thanksgiving & went deer hunting. She brought her boyfriend, Ben who also went hunting & saw several deer but passed on the ones he saw in hopes of seeing a bigger deer. I went with Lisa on the afternoon that she harvested this pretty good 7 pointer. She made a great shot at over 100 yards. The deer only went 30 yards before crashing. This is Lisa's 5th deer to date. She was taught very well about how to shoot because she has yet to miss a deer & has only fired 1 shot at each deer.

I enjoy going to the stand & spending quality time with Lisa. We get to talk by about a lot of things by whispering & it's great to get to be with her. 



David Russell & I ran dogs on a day in early December. We didn't carry a gun but the dogs ran this one so hard & long that they actually ran it to death. The rabbit's muscles cramped up & he was caught. The young pups went nuts over the rabbit.


Jack Jordan & his son had a successful hunt on 12/10/12. His dog, Buckshot, retrieved his first rabbit on this hunt. That's an amazing feat for a 9 month old pup. Keep it up Jack! You're doing great with those dogs. I love it!


On 12/16/12 David Russell & I went to a new property he had gotten permission for us to hunt on. I carried 6 dogs & David took 6. 2 of the 6 I took were Blue & Natural, a pair of young females out of Joe & Sandy, who were extremely excited when we shot their first rabbit for them. This was their first actual hunt & I couldn't be any prouder of them. They never let up & were in every race with the other dogs who can really smoke a rabbit.


We harvested 6 rabbits with 6 shots which was not exactly normal for the 2 of us. David almost ruined our perfect record as he forgot to chamber a shell on his pump but after taking a bead & hearing click, he recovered in time to still make the shot.


On 12/23/12,  I was in the right place to get the first rabbit of the day.


We harvested 4 rabbits but had several more races that put the rabbit in the hole. There's nothing like hearing a pack of dogs hot on the trail of a rabbit.


Paul Wilson had a great hunt on 12/24/12. Buddy had a great day. I love it when someone buys a dog & then gets it into rabbits to get the dog even more rabbit crazy. My bet is that Buddy turns into a rabbit hunting machine because he's about as good as it gets for a pup that will turn 7 months old in a few days. Great job Paul! Keep me posted on his progress.

Alex Swamper

Alex Washburn from Alabama killed this big ole swamp rabbit on 12/15/12 along with these fellow hunters. Alex is turning into one serious rabbit hunter! After his dad bought some dogs from us last year, they have been burning 'em up.

Lucy With Lamont

Lamont Winters from Illinois sent me this pick on 12/23/12 after he & some buddies went on a very succesful hunt with Lucy & some other dogs his friends have. Lamont is doing very well with Lucy who is in the races, jumping rabbits, & doing great for a 9 month old pup. Great job Lamont! That's a pile of rabbits but remember it won't be long before Logan will be shooting all the rabbits & asking you to carry them for him. Lol

Lucy #2


Ben Bramlett was hunting on my farm on 12/27/12 when he shot this very nice & unusual buck. We counted 21 points on this big guy. I don't know what to think of a guy that ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage a week before this. I told him I would be delighted to have him in our family then he goes & shoots this nice buck off of my property. I think the price for my daughter's hand in marriage just tripled. Lol


Hunter who was in a stand not far from Ben shot a big doe after Ben shot his buck. We have a good amount of deer so our dogs have to be ones that can run rabbits in areas with high deer populations.

This was Ben's biggest deer to date. The question I have for Ben is do you love my daughter all that much or is it her father & the hunting land that you're crazy about? Lol


Congratulations Ben, not only did you get a nice buck but you've got a wonderful woman in Lisa. I wish you both nothing but the best.


That's a bunch of points. 


On 12/28/12, it was my honor to get to take Josh Wicker & his dad, Kenny, out to show them a couple of dogs to possibly buy. When they first called me several weeks ago, I quickly learned that Josh has gotten bit by the rabbit hunting bug real bad. He's been driving his dad crazy watching every video clip he can find of dogs running. His dad says he stays on our website watching the videos, etc.

I sent him a few DVD's of some hunts we had been on & Josh told me he would just be happy to get his first rabbit. I knew then that I had to try to help him accomplish his goal. Nothing would stop Josh in his quest to get his first rabbit. It was pouring down rain when Josh & Kenny showed up but that didn't even slow Josh down.

We only put 2 dogs on the ground, Ruby & Bree, but they were able to jump a couple of rabbits & when the rabbit presented Josh with the opportunity to get his first rabbit Josh accomplished his goal. I believe that Josh will be hooked on rabbit hunting for a long time.

I'm always glad to help a kid get into rabbit hunting & I love to be involved in getting them their first rabbit.


Congratulations Josh! Great job! Enjoy Ruby! She's a great dog & you'll do great with her. Keep me posted on your progress.


Paul Wilson was back at it again on 12/30/12. He took Bella, a 5 month old out of Misty & Copper, on her first rabbit hunt. She did very well & was very excited to see the rabbit at the end of the race. Buddy, a 7 month old out of Dee & Joe, jumped one of the rabbits & is absolutely rabbit crazy when he sees a dead rabbit. Keep up the great work Paul! Those 2 are gonna be something else.


Hunter got this nice swamp rabbit on 12/30/12 on a hunt we went on with Ben Bramlett, Ronnie Horton, & David Russell near Oxford, MS. Dandy is excited about the first rabbit of the day.


Ben Bramlett got the 2nd swamp rabbit on 12/30/12. Ben made sure that the pump worked as he shot 3 of the fastest shots I've ever heard for a pump. The 3rd shot was the charm. Ben, we've got to go again soon. I want to see how many shots you will shoot next time.


We had several great races & should have killed a few more but we had a great time & any time I get to hear a pack of dogs burn a rabbit up it's always a great day!


This is Ronnie Horton A.K.A. Miss Mossberg. Ronnie stated before the hunt that his Mossberg doesn't miss but after 4 shots during the hunt, including 3 at the same rabbit, there was no evidence of any of his shots reaching their target unless he was aiming for the ground. Ronnie was too ashamed to show his face. We are hoping that his wife will come next time & let Ronnie baby sit so we can get a few more.


Ronnie & David did harvest some crackers & snacks so the day was not in vain.


Cade Cox with the first swamp rabbit of the day on 1/4/13. This was Cade's first ever swamp rabbit. 


Mike Cummings A.K.A. "Deacon" & "Jumpdog" got this nice swamper after a very good race that lasted a long time on 1/4/13.


I had a great time of fellowship on a swamp rabbit hunt near Tupelo, MS with from L to R : Mike "Jumpdog" Cummings, Corbin Cox, Cade Cox, James Cox, Patrick "One Shot" Whitfield. We got 4 nice swamp rabbits but had several other good races. We jumped a very nice 8 point buck from his bed in the thicket but the dogs never offered to even acknowledge it. Thanks "One Shot" for the invite! I can't wait to hunt with you again soon. Maybe "Jumpdog" won't cut off all your rabbits next time.

Ronnie Horton with 2 rabbits

Ronnie Horten finally connected on a couple of rabbits on 1/5/13. At least that's his story. I personally wasn't there so he may have paid David Russell to let him be photographed in this picture with 2 of David's rabbits. From the mad look on Ronnie's face, I'd bet that's what happened.


On 1/6/13, Corbin Cox harvested his first deer at our farm. Corbin is a fine 13 year old young man. I really had a great time setting in the stand with Corbin & watching him make an awesome shot at 130 yards. The big 8 pointer never knew what hit him. He literally dropped in his tracks & never moved. I wasn't surprised by Corbin's skills because, like me, he's a lefty & that's how we roll!

Corbin really set the bar high by getting this buck for his first deer. Man what a great hunt & what a special memory. 


The reason I love hunting & spending time outdoors is because of moments like this. I think it will be a while before that big smile is gone. Great job Corbin!


One look at the smile on this little girl & you know right off the bat that this is her first deer. Alexia Reagan killed this 7 point buck while hunting with her dad in Tennessee on 1/12/13. After passing up several other smaller deer, Alexia made a perfect shot with her 7mm-08 from 70 yards. 

Steve is gonna have his hands full in a few years when all of the boys start coming around inquiring about this cute little blond girl but one things for sure, if any of them get past Steve they better know how to hunt because Alexia will show them up if they don't. She loves hunting & calls the dogs in when she's rabbit hunting as well. Great job Alexia!


Hunter & I were at Snake Creek Farms on 1/19/13-1/21/13 thanks to an invitation from Lynn Mcgee. We had a great weekend. Hunter loves to hunt ducks probably more than anything else so I sacrificed a weekend of rabbit hunting to make my son happy. I enjoyed it too. Thanks Lynn. It was great like usual when we get to come down.


Day 1


Lynn & Hunter on Day 2


Day 3


Jarvis Moore had a great day on 1/20/13 hunting swampers in Holly Springs, MS. Next time you go, you need to call me so we can go run them big jokers & have some fun too. Great job!


Frank Porter sent me this pic after a great hunt over in AR on 1/21/13. Now that's a nice pile of rabbits. Somebody get the grease hot cause Frank has enough rabbits to feed an army.


My niece, Audrey got her first deer on 1/24/13. She dropped him in his tracks while hunting with her dad, Granville & her brother, Gabe. Audrey is left handed (like her uncle) so it may have surprised Gabe & Granville that she dropped it in it's tracks but it was not a shock to me. Lol Way to go girl! Lefty's rule!

On 1/26/13 I traveled to my old stomping grounds as a kid. It was great to be back in Kentucky to spend some time with my aunt & uncle as well as some other friends. The main purpose of the visit was to do some rabbit hunting. I had a great hunt near Graham, KY with DonaldSallee, Ricky Sallee, & my uncle, Charlie.

We jumped several rabbits that either holed up or wouldn't present a shot but we did have some great races & harvested 5. It was great to get to spend some time in the field with y'all. I look forward to it again.


Ricky Sallee with his rabbit & their dog, Amy


They say every dog has his day. I guess this day was mine. 3 rabbits with 3 shots. I wish I was that good all the time but some of you could verify that this is not usually the case. Maybe it's the hat. Lol 


It's always good to spend time with Charlie, one of the finest men you could ever meet.

On 1/27/13 I was blessed beyond what I deserve to have the honor of taking Mr. Doyle Scott from Dresden, TN to the family farm to try to get him a rabbit. This was truly a special day for Mr. Scott as well as his grandson, Steve Reagan & his great granddaughter, Alexia.

Let me tell you the story & see if it doesn't touch your heart as it touched mine:

I met Steve last year when he called inquiring about some dogs. He bought 4 & invited me to come up & hunt with him on some land he hunted so I went out with Steve. (You can see the pics from that hunt on last years hunting page.) 

We had a great time & I was prepared to head back home but Steve said "Oh no! We ain't done yet. You're going to go eat at my grandparents house." I told him he shouldn't go to that much trouble but he insisted & I didn't fight back much because a home cooked meal verses a drive through is a no brainer.

When I got there, I was treated like a member of the family. That's when I first met Mr. Scott. He talked about hunting & all the good times he used to have in the field. He said those days were behind him because of his age & that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He said I can't walk around but we told him we'd drive him on a polaris ranger.

Steve told him that we were going to take him out again & that he would get another shot at being out in the outdoors with a pack of dogs running the fire out of a rabbit.

After much planning on Steve's part that dream became a reality on 1/27/13. I have never been so excited to try to get someone a rabbit in all my life. Mr. Scott said if he could just get 1 he would be so happy but that he hadn't been rabbit hunting in 9 years & wasn't sure he could even hit a rabbit again. I told him it's like riding a bike & you never forget how.

We put 11 dogs on the ground. 5 of them were Steve's. They jumped a rabbit shortly after we let them out & the noise was loud from the pack really getting after the rabbit but there wasn't a shot available. We had several races were the rabbit holed up. I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get Mr. Scott a rabbit because we were running out of time & only had about an hour before it got dark.

The dogs jumped a rabbit & ran him for a big loop. When the rabbit came down the logging road toward Mr. Scott he nailed him with 1 shot from his 20 gauge & we were all so excited words can't describe it. I don't know if Mr. Scott or Steve was the most excited but when I walked up there to see the look on their face I can just tell you I pray that I can be a part of more of those special moments because it doesn't get any better than that.

The funniest thing about it was after he got that rabbit he decided he wanted another one. He had been having a hard time walking very far but after he got the rabbit he was walking faster & further than he had all day.

You see, Mr. Scott is 78 years old & his family was extremely worried last year of losing him. He's battling through some very painful times right now. I guess what stuck in my mind the most was that he took Steve out as a kid & got Steve involved in hunting & fishing at an early age. I know Steve is extremely proud of his grandfather & was glad to get the opportuninty to give this fine man something back & share another fine moment in the field with his hero.

Mr. Scott & Steve, I want to thank you for the honor of getting to be involved in a memory I won't forget. I pray that you have success in your fight against this horrible disease. I know you kicked cancer's butt on this day & I admire you for it.


Alexia, Mr. Doyle Scott, & Steve Reagan 


The smile of success


Deb & Destiny are doing great with their new owner. They are getting lots of tracks because they get hunted almost every day with several rabbits being harvested over them since going to Clay in South Carolina. Remember these dogs were born on 8/19/12 & this pic is from a hunt on 1/30/13. 


Great job Clay! It's obvious that you & your hunting partner are turning those young dogs into some extremely great rabbit dogs. I'm so proud of what you are doing with them. Keep up the good work!


Jarvis Moore had a big hunt on 2/2/13 with his dogs & a group of friends near Ashland, MS. What a hunt! Now that's a tailgate full of rabbits,


Winston Thompson, III took Grace out on 2/2/13 & shot the first rabbit over her. Her career is now started & I bet she gets a lot more in the near future. She's doing great.


The rabbi, Patrick "One Shot" Whitfield had a great hunt on 2/2/13. He harvested several nice swamp rabbits. I'm sure he'll be saying a prayer over them soon followed by "pass the gravy & biscuits". LOL


Josh has kept Ruby busy hunting rabbits every chance he has. Here's a pic of Josh with Ruby & a rabbit Josh got on 2/2/13. This kid loves rabbit hunting & is really doing a great job with Ruby.

David Clardy bought Hillbilly, Cash, & Junior to take his sons, Cal & Will rabbit hunting. The first time out the dogs ran 3 races resulting in 2 hours of running, several shots but no rabbits.


Will & Cal after a hunt without getting a rabbit on 1/26/13


They both got a rabbit on 2/2/13. There seems to be a smile on their face now. I think they're hooked now.

On 2/2/13 & 2/3/13 we went down to Snake Creek Farms for a rabbit hunt with Lynn McGee & some other friends that we've made over the years. Here's some photos of our hunt:


Cy Parker with the first of many that he got on this hunt


.Hunter & Peyton with a cottontail he shot. Hunter is trying the tough guy look I guess. Hunter told me on the way home that he wished every rabbit hunt was like this because you get to shoot a lot more than when we go other places.


.Lynn McGee with a nice rabbit. We always enjoy going hunting with Lynn. You never know what he's gonna tell you but you can rest assured it'll be something to make you laugh & that you're gonna have plenty to eat. One meal will be a fish fry where Lynn cooks crappie that he catches throughout the year. I first met Lynn back in '09. He was interested in possibly buying some dogs. After we talked, he invited me down to Snake Creek to take him rabbit hunting. After the first hunt I knew that I had met someone that I hoped would be a person I could spend more time with. The hunting was so good that I commented to a friend that I hoped Lynn never bought a dog from me but would call me to take him hunting any time he wanted to go. We've been fortuanate to get an invite for 2 weekends a year to rabbit hunt, several invites to fish & duck hunt. I consider Lynn to be a friend & I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to go on some great hunts & spend time with great people. From the very first time I went to Snake Creek I was treated like family & for that I can't say thanks enough to Lynn, Nancy, & everyone at Snake Creek.


Jeff with a rabbit he rolled when it decided to break out across a big opening. Jeff is a very good shot & is a lot of fun to hunt with.


Dee retrieved 4 rabbits during our 2 day hunt including a rabbit Cy shot across a slough. Click on the pic to watch Dee bring it back across the slough. It brought back some great memories of Hunter the retrieving beagle. 


At the end of a 7 hour hunt, a group of 6 hunters ended up with 28 rabbits. (2 guys stopped hunting & started cleaning so I didn't get a group pic with all of the hunters & rabbits) The dogs caught 3 of the 28 & ran the majority of the time we were out. On 2/3/13 we went out for a few hours & got 7 more for a total of 35 for the weekend. I don't take great numbers of rabbits on most hunts because I'm always thinking to the future & making sure you have plenty of rabbits to hunt again but Snake Creek is blessed with a ton of rabbits & habitat that holds literally hundreds of rabbits. I've never been to a place that has more rabbits. Several people have asked me to take them but I'm a guest of Lynn's & there's usually a group ready to go so there's usually no room for more. 


 When you see our dogs laying down while out in the field, you know that they have literally been run down. After 7 hours at Snake Creek they don't have anything left. They gave 110% pushing through briars, thick vines, etc. These dogs had enough sense to take a break but Maggie & Sandy still wanted more so as soon as one of them jumped another rabbit these dogs came back to life. After the hunt I loaded them up, fed & watered them, & they were out. We didn't even hear a whimper out of any of them till the next morning when they were raring to go again. Thanks again, Lynn.


It was youth weekend for duck hunting so while we were rabbit hunting Lynn set Hunter up in a great spot to see if Hunter could call some in on his own. Hunter got 1 mallard on 2/2/13 & this spoonie on 2/3/13. That's not bad for his first time all on his own to call in his own ducks. Good job, Buddy!


Steve Reagan sent me this pic from a hunt on 2/3/13. He told me that Lance shot 4 times to get this rabbit. Lance redeemed his self on the next rabbit with 1 shot. Looks like the dogs & the hunters had a great time.




I got 2 nice swampers on 2/9/13 on a hunt David Russell set up. 


Hunter ended up getting 2 swamp rabbits on 2/9/13


Will Clardy is showing Cash & Junior a rabbit he shot on 2/9/13. Cash rewarded Will with a bunch of scratches to Will's belly. 


On 2/10/13 I was blessed to get to take Clarke Blocker, Tyler Finn, Sam Bommarito & Nick Bommarito on a guided rabbit hunt at our family farm. This was a hunt I donated to Madonna Learning Center to raise money for the school that is for special needs children. My neice goes to Madonna. Thanks Dr. Finn for buying th hunt & supporting Madonna.


We hunted for a few hours before a down pour caused us to retreat to the barn & wait it out. After a 2 hour rain delay we got back at it & had a great hunt. These young men got to shoot several times & harvested 7 rabbits but more importantly got to spend some quality time outdoors. It was a great day & the dogs did a great job!


Clarke Blocker got this rabbit after the rain delay. Clarke really enjoyed the hunt & said his favorite part was seeing the rabbit coming right at him. Way to go Clarke!


Nick got this rabbit & had a great time even when it was raining.


Tyler got in on the action after the dogs ran this rabbit for a while.


Sam was very patient & stayed in the right place to catch this rabbit trying to sneak out the back door after being run for quite awhile.


I love showing the dogs that we've got the rabbit they were after. It gets the young dogs excited & even old dogs like Joe will go nuts when they see it. I love a rabbit crazy dog!


I got to hunt with the Cox brothers on 2/15/13 & had a blast. Corbin got this one. Way to go Lefty!


Cade is wondering why his little brother is having all the luck


Cade was patient & got one along with some other guys from the hunting club where we were hunting.


The group ended up with 14 rabbits on 2/15/13


On 2/16/13 Cade made sure to get a nice swamp rabbit before his brother did.


We ended up with 5 rabbits on a windy day with tough scenting conditions.

IMG_1520 - Version 2

Corbin showed 'em how lefty's take care of business getting a nice swamp rabbit on 2/17/13.


Corbin really takes his hunting seriously


David Russell got a nice swamp rabbit on 2/18/13


Darren Carpenter from OH sent this pic of Lil Bit & Rocky with 2 rabbits he got with these 2 dogs. Rocky is only 6 months old here & this was his first 2 rabbits. Looks like Darren has got him headed down the path to be a great dog & Lil Bit is doing very well.


Anthony Keith from GA & his son are showing their dogs a rabbit. 3 of these dogs are young pups they bought from us named Blue, Star, & Brownie.


You won't find a kid who has fallen in love with rabbit hunting any harder than Josh Wicker has. Josh got this huge swamp rabbit on 2/23/13. Josh better find a girlfriend that loves rabbit hunting or he'll stay single the rest of his life. Lol I love this young man's desire for the outdoors.


The Clardy brothers were back at it again on 2/23/13. These boys & their dad are having some great times in the outdoors making memories that'll last a lifetime. Great job guys!


Frank Porter from AR sent me these pics from hunts on 2/23 & 2/24/13. Frank has got them dogs going like crazy. It's always great to see people take young dogs from us & put them to work. It proves what these young dogs can do if given the tracks.


Caleb Callahan & Phil Chisolm with a rabbit Caleb shot on 2/23/13 at Snake Creek Farms. Caleb got several rabbits on this hunt.


Hunting was so good on 2/23/13 that even Mickey got several.


We had 2 groups of hunters on 2/23/13. David Russell took one group & I took the other. We ended up with a total of 45 rabbits for the day. There was some controversy over which group had more. I think the reason for that was Lynn was in David Russell's group & he kept remembering rabbits that he said were in someones jacket or fell off the 4 wheeler, etc.

We had a great time as usual & the dogs gave their all to produce as many rabbits as possible. I don't try to take large numbers very often but at Snake Creek there are so many rabbits that we didn't do any damage to the rabbit population. It will be strong again next year because the habitat is just unreal.


Hunter taking a break on 2/24/13 at Snake Creek Farms


Mickey even got one on 2/24/13. Someone better check his gun!


We got 11 on 2/24/13 with 1 group on a shorter hunt at Snake Creek Farms.


Cory Mashburn sent me this pic of his hunt on 2/24/13. He got 8 rabbits & found 2 sheds. That's a real good day.


Jack Jordan sent me this pic along with the following text:

David, this is my great nephew. He is 5. This was his first rabbit hunt. He is hooked! We ended up the season with a total of 118 rabbits. Buckshot & Sam are really doing great.

Thanks for the update Jack. I love seeing such a young kid getting into rabbit hunting. You've done a great job with those 2 young dogs for sure. They will be unbeatable next season.       © Beagles On Fire 2012