Hunting Season '11-'12

Every time I get a picture of some kids who went hunting I get excited but I get even more fired up when they went with some of the dogs that I raised & trained because I feel like I had a small part in their hunt. This pic came from Richard Woodard on 12/29/11 & he wrote: It took 8 hours to kill those 10 rabbits. Most of the races lasted about 30-45 minutes. These 3 young men had a blast. Rebel, Midnight,Pete,Angel, & Cindy were in every race. Cindy jumped 6 of the 10. I wish now that I would have bought Mindy also. Cindy is the best dog I have gotten from you & the rest are great dogs. Thanks again for your honesty! Thanks Richard & keep taking kids. I love the fact that you’re passing it on. Great job young men!

David Russell with Waylon & Willie after harvesting a nice swamp rabbit.

David Russell & Ben Bramlett with a swamp rabbit that the dogs ran for about an hour before anyone could get a shot. When the rabbit finally did come around this duo was responsible for shooting 5 times before the race ended. As you can tell from the pic they were proud to get ole “5 Shot”.

Hunter got in on the action getting this swamp rabbit on his second shot. We all thought he had missed it until 50 yards later Sandy was standing over the rabbit & wouldn’t let any other dogs get to it. Way to go, Son you got ole “2 Shot”.

On 12/29/11 I had the privilege of going hunting for swamp rabbits with David Russell, Ben Bramlett (my daughter, Lisa’s boyfriend), & Hunter. 

We had a little trouble getting on a rabbit at first but when the dogs got on a rabbit they ran it for about an hour before it was harvested. They jumped another one right away which holed up before we could get a shot. The dogs jumped another rabbit & circled it to Hunter who shot twice before getting that one. We ran 4 or 5 & harvested 3 before it got too hot to continue. 

We all had a great time. I’m the only one in the group that didn’t miss a shot. I never had a shooting opportunity but I got to tease the rest of them all morning.

Sandy brought this rabbit back to the edge from a few feet in so we didn’t have to go in & get it.

On 12/31/11 Hunter & I went back with David Russell to a different spot. We each brought 6 dogs for a total of 12 dogs so the racquet they created when they were running was enough to wake the dead. 

A swamp rabbit swam across a 50’ slough & the dogs went across it as well. I wanted to get that rabbit for the dogs cause they worked so hard to get him but he outsmarted us & the dogs after he crossed back to his original side. 

Each of us harvested a rabbit & for the record I shot only once. If the weather hadn’t been so warm we would have hunted longer but it was getting into the upper 60’s by lunch time so we called it a day before we got the dogs over heated. Thanks for the invite, David. 

Morgan Cutler & Patsy with his first rabbits

Here's The Account of His Big Hunt:

"26 Dec 2011

This is a picture of Morgan Cutler, a thirteen year old, after his first "successful" hunt. We were in Lincoln, IL near my uncles farm. Morgan has actually been hunting with us since he was five, but for the past three years he has been hunting with a gun. 

We have tried getting him in just the right position to intercept the rabbit but not until this year did it work out. Not only did he get the rabbits but he also was by himself posted up next to a big brush pile. 

I cannot describe how happy he was after he got not only his first but his second rabbit as well. Patsy our new dog was actually running the second rabbit that he shot. We could not have planned it better. Faith our older dog ran the first rabbit right to him and needless to say Patsy ran the second one on the same path not 3 minutes later. 

As for Morgan Cutler it was pretty funny that he didn't realize that the dogs were obviously running two separate rabbits; that along with the shear excitement of his first shot, Morgan left his position to see his first rabbit when the second one ran right to him. He luckily had the skill and wits about him to get the second one. 

We had such a great time hunting this season. Patsy did great the entire time, especially for an eight month old. I cannot wait until she truly finds her voice. She gets unbelievably excited when she hits a hot track which is always the best sign in a dog that young. Next year I expect her to be that much better. Thank you Beagles on Fire for such a great dog."

My Nephew, Gabe with a nice 7 pointer on 12/24/11

Is there anything better than a father & son smiling after the son gets a nice buck? Gabe & his dad, Granville Alpha went to the stand on the afternoon of 12/24/11 early. They had only been in the stand for a short time when the buck appeared in the food plot. 

Gabe made the shot dropping the buck in his tracks 90 yards away. Gabe must have had a lucky bullet because while he was aiming for the vitals behind the front shoulder the bullet hit the deer in the neck for an instant kill. Gabe harvested his first deer a few years ago when he was 6 years old. Now he’s an old pro that gets 3-4 deer every year and he’s 8 years old.


Gabe is also a very good football player as an offensive & defensive lineman who has earned the nickname “Crusher” because he hits so hard when he tackles the opposing running backs & quarterbacks. 

Gabe’s team made it to the “Super Bowl” loosing a hard fought game & he made the All-Star team. Way to go Gabe! Maybe one day you’ll be as good as your Uncle David.

Chris Washburn & his son, Alex with a friend after a nice hunt with some good dogs including Hank, Reba, & Hammer. Read about the dogs he got from us on the testimonial page.

Alex Washburn harvested his first rabbit on 1/14/12. Congratulations Alex! You are now an official rabbit hunter & from looks of the smiles on you & your dad’s face the rabbits better look out cause you 2 are going to do this a lot more I’m sure.

On 1/7/12 Bryan Sotelo went to a deer stand on the family farm with Granville & Gabe. They went to the same stand that Gabe got his buck out of earlier in the year & not real long after they got settled into the stand this very nice 6 pointer came out almost in the same exact spot that Gabe’s buck came out in. Bryan must have borrowed one of Gabe’s lucky bullets because Bryan made a shot at over 90 yards hitting the deer in the rear end. Bryan must have hit a main artery because the buck only went 30 yards before crashing. Way to go Bryan you are the man!

There’s no mistaking the smile of success!

Hunter got to take this picture since he didn’t get a rabbit on a hunt on 1/21/12. I don’t get to many chances to get bragging rights on Hunter so I have to take advantage of it when I can. We had some incredible races on this hunt with several lasting 45 min & longer. Dedrick Lee, Jarvis Moore, Hunter, & I really had a good time listening to the dogs burn ‘em up. Most of the time we have to hear Lil Greg running his mouth but we all enjoyed a break from Lil Greg’s mouth on this day. I provided the entertainment for the day as I fell down in the mud & water while crossing a part of the swamp & got wet but I had a blast just the same.

On 1/31/12 I got to take Jenae Smith deer hunting on our family farm. This was the last day of the season. Jenae was all ready to get her a deer but the deer were scared of her & never showed up in the food plot we were in. 

Her brother, Cody “Sure Shot” Smith harvested a deer for the second year in a row. Jenae, we will get one next year especially if you leave Cody at home.

On 2/4/12 I was lucky enough to get to take some of my uncle’s neighbors hunting in Kentucky. We had a good time, heard some good races, & harvested a few rabbits. 

My trip to Kentucky was my first time to get to hunt with Dee. I bought her from a man in Michigan so i could breed her to Joe in the future. Dee retrieved 2 rabbits each day for 3 days in a row & is a real nice hound.

Returned to Snake Creek Farms for the 4th year in a row. We had a great time as usual. The wind was horrible, gusting 25-35mph but we had a real good hunt. David Russell brought his dogs along with his son in law, Ron a.k.a “Shooter” & took a group while I took another group. Both groups did very well especially for such a windy day. It’s amazing that the dogs could smell anything in all that wind. We harvested a total of 18 rabbits on 2/11/12 & 5 more on 2/12/12. 

Gary Spears got the first rabbit & finished with 5 for the day.

William Girard got another rabbit. This makes 2 years in a row Will got a rabbit.

Lynn McGee was sporting a new hat when we went hunting at Snake Creek. If you ever get to hunt with Lynn you’ll never forget it. The entertainment value alone is worth going. Lynn is a real character that will keep you laughing & he cooks fish extremely well.

“Little Joe” Ulmer shot this rabbit while hunting on 2/12/12. 

Steven Reagan invited me to bring some dogs to hunt with the dogs he bought from me. We hunted on his Uncle’s farm in Latham, TN on 2/18/12. 

We had a great time! Steven is a good shot but if you ever go hunting with him don’t say the words “let the” because that makes Steven’s trigger finger spring into high gear. 

We were in the swamp listening for the dogs who had lost the rabbit for a few minutes. Steven said to me; “you shoot first & I’ll back you up.” I said ok. Steven then saw the rabbit behind me. the dogs hadn’t picked it up yet. I had a bead on it but I said, “I think I’ll let the”.....Boom........ “dogs run it.” Before I could finish my sentence Steven had rolled the rabbit with one shot. 

“Jumping Jeff” with Steven. After the hunt we were treated to an awesome meal at Steven’s grandparents. Thanks for a great time, Steven. 

This is a picture I received from my friend James on a hunt on 2/18/12 with his sons, Cade & Corbin. They took out their new 6 month old 4 pack. (Scrappy, Sissy, Summer,  & Sassy) It looks like they’re doing a great job. Good job , boys!

This is a picture I received from Larry Porter of a hunt they had on 2/18/12 over in Arkansas. They had a very productive hunt, taking 41 rabbits. Larry bought several dogs from us this year including Hershey, Tabasco, Mindy, & Lil Bit. I think it’s safe to say they are pleased.

Another hunt Larry Porter’s dogs were involved in.

Jeff trying to do his best to retrieve like Hunter but Hunter never uses his front paws to hold the rabbit, Jeff.

Steve Reagan took his daughter, Alexia, on 2/26/12. 

Alexia is 8 years old & will get her some rabbits next season. 

What a joy to see kids out hunting with their dad. 

Steve, I know one thing for sure, she’s a lot better looking than your other hunting buddy, Jeff.

Who says girls don’t hunt? Danni Horton got her first rabbit while hunting at Snake Creek Farms on 2/25/12. Danni was one of the guys for the weekend. After she got this rabbit, her husband, Ron kept shooting the rabbits before Danni could get a shot. I think Ron was scared she would show him up.

The dogs are excited to see a rabbit after a good race.

We had a very good hunt harvesting 7 rabbits & hearing several great races. Of course I had a great time of fellowship as well with Ron & Danni Horton, Hunter, Ben Bramlett, & Lynn McGee.

Ron A.K.A Shooter got several rabbits  on this hunt. 

Hunter got 3 during the weekend.

Ben got 2 rabbits during the weekend hunt.

The dogs hunted so hard on 2/26/12 that after running several rabbits, the last one for over an hour, we called it a day. Before we loaded them up, they were given some very deserved snacks. 

They really enjoyed oatmeal cakes & gatorade. Hunter Jr really enjoys twinkies. They were worn out after 2 days of constant running.

We had a great hunt on 2/26/12 at Snake Creek. the races were incredible. It seemed like we ran almost the whole time we were out. We harvested 8 rabbits & had a great time. 

Thanks Lynn. I had a great time as usual.

We were all very fortunate to have Ron “the professional rabbit cleaner” Horton to show us how to clean a rabbit. 

Ron left too much hair on the rabbits on Saturday but did a lot better under the supervision of his wife, Danni on Sunday.

Hunter Jr. retrieved a couple of rabbits during this hunt. Click on this paragraph to see video of  one of his retrieves.       © Beagles On Fire 2012