It’s been a great season so far & we are just getting started good. I have had the privilege to introduce some young kids to the great outdoors as well as enjoy good fellowship hunting with family & friends.

I had the great honor of taking Cody Smith & his father, Jody Smith deer hunting at our family farm on 12/4/10. 

Cody made an awesome shot on his 1st deer & he was so fired up he was talking about deer in his sleep. 

From that moment on we quit calling him Cody & started calling him “Sure Shot” because when he squeezed the trigger it was a perfectly placed shot. The deer was dropped in its tracks & a new hunter was born.

The newest member of the deer hunting community, Cody "Sure Shot" Smith.


Hunter got a doe, his second for the season, on 12/5/10. It’s great to see the next generation of hunters off to a good start.

After seeing the joy the deer hunting bug brought to “Sure Shot”, Jody wanted to get in on the action so I took the two of them out again for an afternoon hunt on 12/5. 

It took every second we were legally allowed to get Jody a chance for a shot but he also harvested his 1st deer ever on our family farm. The name we choose to call Jody was an easy one to come up with because he was so nervous & excited that he couldn’t keep his leg & foot from jumping. It was so bad the stand was vibrating so congratulations “Knee Knocker”! We are just hoping you don’t have a heart attack when you see a big buck. 

“Knee Knocker” & “Sure Shot”

Lynn McGee & “Bean Master”

Hunter & I had the privilege of being invited to go duck hunting with Lynn McGee at Snake Creek Farms in the Mississippi Delta on 12/10-12/12. The weather was tough but we had a great time with Lynn & Mickey although we couldn’t get any ducks till Mickey left. Hunter made some awesome shots with his 20 gauge & as you can tell from the picture he had a blast. We are so thankful for the invitation Lynn & can’t wait to do it again. Make sure to bring some more of Nancy’s awesome beans for Hunter the “Bean Master”.

Cody “Sure Shot” Smith with his first rabbit.

Every once in a while you meet some people that are just special & you feel lucky to meet them. Jody & Cody Smith are those type of people. I always feel blessed any time I can be a part of helping a young person harvest their first rabbit. 

On 12/19/10 Cody “Sure Shot” Smith took aim on a rabbit running right at him. The rabbit was doing his best to get away from the fine pack of dogs that had run the rabbit for a full circle. When Cody shot, the rabbit cut across & went down in a thicket on the side of a pond. Cody fired a second shot that missed but it didn’t matter because the first shot had done the job. 

We didn’t know that until we heard a dog growling. When we went to investigate we found Max, a young 9 month old, standing over the rabbit. He was growling at any dog that come close. Max was not gonna let any dog near it. 

When I got to the rabbit & took it away from Max he was going crazy wanting his rabbit back. He kept jumping up trying to get his rabbit back. What a joy to see a young man & a young dog get so excited about a rabbit. This was the first rabbit to be shot over Max & he loved it.

Cody “Sure Shot” Smith & Max with their first rabbit.

Cody & Jody Smith, & Max with Cody’s first rabbit.

Cody didn’t stop with 1 rabbit. He shot his 2nd rabbit about an hour later. Congratulations Cody. You are the man!

What a hunt I had with Cody on the evening of 12/21/10. After seeing over 10 deer in the food plot we were hunting. Cody made a perfect 90 yard shot on this big 6 pointer that was chasing a doe. Ole “Sure Shot” was sure excited as you can see from the smile on his face.

 If Cody had his way I think he’d move here but we might not have any wildlife left. He’s had a huge time hunting with us & I have enjoyed every minute because I’m seeing a kid who was shy & didn’t smile a lot come around. He’s more confident & is wearing a smile most of the time. To be a part of that is what hunting is all about to me.

Cody, I hope you always stay out of trouble & keep hunting & fishing because it’s a better addiction than drugs, alcohol, or any of those other things that lead to disaster.

Donald & Ricky Sallee from Bremen, KY with 3 young dogs born on 12/6/10 after a very successful December day in the field. These 3 beautiful females named Amy, Dee Dee, & Trudy are out of Hunter & Ruby & they are definitely “on fire”.


Jarvis Moore with a nice swamp rabbit on 12/26/10. Jarvis ain’t smiling because he’s still in shock that he hit the rabbit after more than one shot. If you want to make sure your dogs aren’t gun shy & you want a lot of shots fired around them just go hunting with Jarvis.

I had a great time hunting on 12/26/10 with Greg Todd,  Dedrick Lee, & Jarvis Moore from Holly Springs, MS. We harvested 9 nice swamp rabbits from a spot in Holly Springs that Greg don’t want anyone to know about. 

He has been going there since he was old enough to go hunting with his Granddad. He knows this swamp like the back of his hand & can walk through the nastiest of areas. If you ever go with him don’t follow him because he loves to take you through areas that you sink up & fall down in so he can grin & laugh at you. I found this out the hard way. 

Greg & Dedrick are unbelievable in the swamp & will wear you out. I’m still soar from the hunt. We had some good races. It was a strange day with snow falling down the whole time we were hunting but the strangest part of the hunt was Jarvis killed 4 rabbits. As you can tell from the picture he’s not smiling because he still can’t believe it.

Thanks guys for inviting me. Let’s do it again soon!

On 12/27/10 I had the privilege of showing some dogs to Tim Pringle & Richard Marks who drove all the way from Buffalo, NY. We got to see some good dog work & hear some good races. 

Richard A.K.A. Mr. Fudd harvested 2 wabbits. We had a great time of hunting & fellowship. Jennifer fixed an amazing meal for us & I’m sure they’ll be back for some more dogs & definitely back for more of Jennifer’s awesome greens. 

Tim is a police officer in Buffalo. Stay safe Tim & get those dogs used to the snow. One of the benefits I get out of having beagles is I meet a lot of good people that become friends. I don’t know that you’d meet any nicer people than my new friends from Buffalo. 

On 12/29/10 my daughter, Lisa went to a deer stand with her boyfriend, Ben Reese. They had a doe come in behind them 10 yards from the stand but it ran off. About 30 minutes before dark Ben was looking out the side of the stand. When he turned back around Lisa had the gun up & already had the front shoulder in the crosshairs 40 yards away.

 She asked Ben if it was big enough. The minute he whispered yes Lisa squeezed the trigger & the 8 pointer never knew what hit him. Congratulations Lisa! As always, you made dad proud!

On 1/2/11 we took Ben out with the dogs for a few hours. He got this cottontail at the family farm. I enjoyed it Ben. Let’s go get ‘em again soon!

On 1/3/11, I had the privilege of taking my 7 year old nephew, Gabe on an afternoon deer hunt. Gabe had been hunting with his dad & they had been having trouble seeing very many deer. Well those of you who know me know that I won’t let Granville live this down any time soon. We had only been in the stand about 30 minutes when 3 deer came into the food plot. Hunter saw them first & videoed while I got Gabe set up to make the shot.Gabe didn’t mess around. He shot the biggest doe at 75 yards & she only went 50 yards. I knew it was a big doe but when we weighed it in at 120 lbs. field dressed even I was surprised. Congratulations Gabe on a very nice big fat doe.  Now next time you go with your dad you can show him how it’s done!

Hunter & I got another invitation to hunt with Lynn McGee & Mickey Carpenter on 1/15 & 1/16 at Snake Creek Farms & of course Hunter & I jumped at the chance to go. 

The weather was cloudy both days which is not the best of conditions but as you can tell we had a great hunt. It’s not just the fact that they have a lot of ducks. What makes it hard to ever turn down the invitation is Lynn & Mickey are some real characters & you never know what they will come up with. 

When Lynn saw Hunter’s hat with no bill he was kidding Hunter all weekend about it & now wants to nominate Hunter for the “No Bill” peace prize. We had a blast! They even took the time to teach Hunter some things about how to use his duck call & he blew it out in the blind a few times. Thanks guys you are a lot of fun for both of us.

This picture was sent to me by David Russel of Abbeyville, MS of a hunt on 1/15/11. David bought a started dog named Hank out of Cricket last year & David is doing a great job with Hank. Go to the testimonial page & read what he has to say about Hank. Now there’s only one thing wrong with this picture David & that is you haven’t invited me to go with you & then we would have both of us in the picture. Keep up the good work with Hank. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with your dogs.

I had a great time with my son hunting swamp rabbits in Holly Springs on 2/5 & 2/12. Hunter got a big swamper both trips with 1 shot each time. He’d be quick to tell you that he was a better shot than his dad both days.

He wasn’t real crazy about getting stuck in the mud a few times but we had some good laughs at each other & he teased me pretty good about my shooting because it took me 3 shots to get my rabbit on the first trip. The second trip I didn’t even get a shot. I’ll get him back though.

The swamp wears Hunter out!

On 2/12/11 Jarvis Moore, Dedrick Lee, Hunter & I went after Swamp Rabbits in Holly Springs. The dogs ran a lot of rabbits & they went on some long runs. The guys harvested 1 rabbit a piece. I got shut out but enjoyed hearing all the “music” from the dogs.

On 2/13/11 Jarvis Moore & I went hunting in Walnut, MS. We had some great races till it got hot. We harvested 3 total. Jarvis shot this big swamp rabbit. Joe was real excited about getting the rabbit back from Jarvis. Joe knew he had run it real hard & deserved it. I think Joe also took one look at Jarvis & knew Jarvis hadn’t run the rabbit.

Cody “Sure Shot” Smith got another rabbit on 1/30/11 with the fine pack of beagles he & his dad, Jody have put together from our kennel.

Jody Smith Jr. got in on the action on 2/9/11 taking this nice rabbit. Look out Cody! You have some competition now & he looks very serious about it.

Jody Smith from New Orleans with Mat, Maverick, Red, & Rose along with some friends on a big hunt on 2/19/11. The group harvested 33 rabbits. That’s a pile of rabbits. If you think our dogs are priced a little high just call Jody. I’m sure he’s not sorry he bought his dogs because they are producing not only a lot of rabbits but a lot of fun for Jody & his family. Congratulations Jody on a super hunt. I’m sure the people around there are in awe of you & your dogs.

We got invited back to Snake Creek Farms for the “2nd Annual Mud Rabbit Hunt” on 2/19 & 2/20. The weather was not favorable for the people or the dogs but we had some great races & a great time. Saturday we were invited to hunt on Joe Ulmer’s farm. Joe even fed us & really treated us well. Thanks so much Joe.

Joe Ulmer harvested this rabbit on 2/19/11. His farm has thickets so thick you can’t walk through it & has a lot of rabbits as well as other wildlife. There was deer sign everywhere but we never had a dog to even give a thought to running a deer.

William Girard of Jackson, MS went on his first rabbit hunt on 2/20/11. William harvested the first rabbit of the day not long after we turned the dogs out. I always love to go hunt & run my dogs but the greatest times are when I get to be a part of seeing a kid get their 1st rabbit. William only shot once! This is no surprise to me because William is left handed & lefties don’t mess around. Congratulations William on your first rabbit.       © Beagles On Fire 2012