Current & Future Litters



We do not have any pups for sale. We have litters on the ground most of the time but all of the pups are started & then tough decisions are made as to what gets sold. I usually have a good idea about how many pups I will keep out of a litter before I even breed the dogs. 

It gets tough to make the decision on what to hold on to & what to let go of because the whole litter normally turns out to be very good. The reason they do is because of all the work Larry Naylor did for over 50 years, culling hard to get it to the point that I can breed dogs & get very good results consistently. I usually make my decisions based on color, sex, or how good one’s mouth is because the hunt, brains, & handle will be real close most of the time.

I decided back in 2009 not to sell puppies any more. The reason for my decision was:

I love starting pups & turning them into young rabbit dogs.

Though they would make great pets, it would be a shame not to make them rabbit dogs due to their ability.

If I start them before I sell them, they will represent our kennel well. I look at it this way: People will judge my kennel by what they see the dogs do in the field. I would rather be judged on my training than to be judged on someone else’s training. If someone sees one of the young pups at 5-6 months old absolutely burning a rabbit up while they’re hunting with you they will say: “where did you get that pup?” & they want to get one from us but if I sold it as an unstarted puppy & it was just hanging around your feet not performing at all they would say: “where did you get that thing?” When you mention Beagles on Fire they would say: “They raise junk! I don’t need to call them for a dog.”

I know there are plenty of people who can train a beagle & get one started but I figure if I start my pups I’ll always know I haven’t sold a dog that won’t hunt because they’re hunting when they leave here. I've been getting good reports from the people who have purchased young started dogs from me so it's working well this way.

I try to live by this: " If it ain't broke don't fix it"

Breedings for 2018






Charm had 9 pups on 3/23/18. She currently has 2 males & 2 females. Pups ahould be ready to go around September.





Flame has been bred to Uga. I have made this cross in the past & the results have been fantastic. These should be some beautiful red-ticks that can really get the job done. Pups will be here in April & should be ready to go in September to October.

Flame had 7 pups on 4/19/18. She currently has 1 female.





Pistol has been bred to Pepper. This cross was made last year & the offspring did very well. They had real good hunt, handle, & turned out real well. Pups will be here in April & should be ready to go in September - October.

Pistol had 6 pups on 4/22/18. She currently has 4 females & 2 males.





Misty has been bred to Uga. Misty is a daughter to Lil Blue & Pepper. She is a real good rabbit dog with a lot of hunt & has been doing amazing things from an early age. This is her first time to be bred. I believe this cross will be something else. Pups will be born in April & should be ready to go September - October.


Misty had 8 pups on 4/21/18. She currently has 5 females & 2 males.





Daisy has been bred to Hunt. Daisy is a sister to Pepper. I bred these 2 last year & have the pups from that cross in the training pen now. They are doing just fine. These 2 dogs are good dogs. Hunt is an amazing all around rabbit dog that will give you everything he has each time out. Pups will be here in May & should be ready October - November

Daisy had 8 pups on 5/26/18. She currently has 1 female & 2 males.





Lettie has been bred to Pepper. I’ve procuced this cross before with very good results. Lettie is a daughter to Sandy & Joe. I’ve had amazing results breeding their daughters to Pepper. Pups will be here in June & should be ready to go November - December.


Lettie had 7 pups on 6/12/18. She currently has 2 males & 1 female.


Lil Blue



Lil Blue has been bred to Pepper. This is another Sandy & Joe daughter crossed to Pepper. I have kept a female out of this cross the last 2 times I’ve made it. Those females are awesome. No doubt this is an amazing cross. Pups will be here in late June & should be ready to go in November & December. 


Lil Blue had 5 pups on 6/28/18. She currently has 3 males & 1 female.





Wildfire has been bred to Dan. Wildfire is a daughter to Fire & Uga. Both of these are some serious rabbit dogs & have great jumping ability. Pups are due in July & should be ready to go in December - January.


Wildfire had 5 pups on 7/4/18. She currently has 4 males & 1 female.





Lemi has been bred to Harley. Harley is a son of Sandy & Joe. Sandy was a lemon-tick so I’m hoping I’ll get some lemon coloring out of this cross. Both of these dogs are all about the thick stuff. They are both full of hustle. I can’t wait to see what this produces. Pups will be here in July & should be ready in December - January.


Lemi had 8 pups on 7/4/18. She currently has 4 females & 1 male.





Midnight has been bred to Uga. Midnight is a daughter of Lettie & Pepper. Midnight is a tremendous rabbit dog with tons of hunt. Uga is just amazing. Pups will be here in late July - early August & should be ready in January - February.


Midnight had 9 pups on 8/3/18. She currently has 5 males & 4 females.





Brandy has been bred to Hunt. This cross was made last year with great success. They will be some great ones I’m sure. Brandy is a daughter of Rosie & Buster. Adding Hunt to that blood is like adding ice cream to a great cobbler. Pups will be here in August & should be ready in February.


Brandy had 6 pups on 8/29/18. She currently has 4 males & 2 females.





Marly has been bred to Pepper. This cross was made last year & proved to be a very good one. Marly is a daughter of Sandy & Joe. Her litter-mate is Harley. Pepper is a proven stud who has produced an amazing amount of rabbit dogs. Some of Pepper’s offspring have shown the trait of retrieving. Pepper retrieved a rbbit last season for the first time. Pups will be here in August & should be ready to go in February.


Marly had 10 pups on 9/2/18. She currently 5 females & 4 males.


Happy Girl



Happy Girl has been bred to Awesome. Happy Girl is a daughter to Hottie & Uga. Awesome is a son to Buster & Rosie. This should be a very strong cross. Happy Girl got her name because she will smile at you. She is full of hunt & grit & will give you her all.

Awesome is a hard hunting dog that will have his nose red, ears scratched up, & the hair around his eyes gone from running through the briars. Pups will be here in August & should be ready to go in February.


Happy Girl had 7 pups on 9/1/18. She currently has 5 males & 2 females.





Georgia has been bred to Hunt. This cross has been made several times before with great results & consistency. Georgia is one of the best I’ve owned & she has produced several great ones in the past. When combined with Hunt the results are amazing. 

Pups will be here in September & should be ready by March.


Georgia had 8 pups on 9/15/18. She currently has 4 males & 3 females.





Bella has been bred to Harley. This should be a tremendous cross. Bella is a daughter to Brownie & Poncho. Harley is a son to Sandy & Joe. That’s a lot of power on both sides. I expect this cross to produce dogs with a lot of hunt that won’t quit. I really look forward to what they will be. Pups will be here in September & should be ready in March - April.

Bella had 8 pups on 9/26/18. She currently has 2 males.


Little Ann



Little Ann has been bred to Hunt. This cross has been made several times. It’s usually a good size litter & the offspring are amazing. This is the same cross as Georgia bred to Hunt. Little Ann is a littermate sister to Georgia & Dan. She is a direct daughter of Brownie & Poncho. I expect the pups to be full of hunt, run the track extremely well, & handle like a dream. Pups should be born in October & should be ready to go in March - April.

Little Ann had 8 pups on 10/7/18. She currently has 3 males & 3 females.

Each year more people find out about us so the demand for dogs gets to be greater each year but I will never compromise quality for quantity. These are not dogs you find every day especially performing so well at such a young age. 

This isn't just luck! Over 50 years of selective breeding & high standards went into producing these dogs before I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the bloodline 15 years ago. 

I have taken the ball & ran with it. A lot of work & time goes into making these young dogs perform to the level that they do. I will pull no punches. My goal is simple: I am trying & hoping to show you the best young started dog you can buy. I know there are other good young dogs around but I strive to be at the top. I don't disrespect what anyone else is breeding or their training methods. I just feel like we are having great success with what we are doing so if it ain't broke why change?

If you are skeptical about young started dogs being much to hunt with read the testimonials of people who have bought some in the past & call any of the people who left their phone number on the testimonial.

I know some of you are probably thinking there's no way all of the above crosses can be that consistently good. I'll just say this, most people that come with the intention of buying just 1 young dog end up wanting more of them when they see them in person & most people come back here to make their future purchases when they want a dog. 

I always tease people by saying these dogs are like Lays potato chips…….you can't have just one.

Come check out our dogs & see for yourself what they are & know this I stake my reputaion on every dog that leaves here so I'm gonna make sure they're right before you come here to see them.

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