Sad Day Today 3/17/13


It is with a heavy heart that I write this sad news. I lost a great dog this morning after watching her show out yesterday running some rabbits. Cutie Pie got away from me yesterday & was hit by a car. I wasn't running near a road. It was just a very unfortunate event. I've been running dogs for over 12 years now & this is only the 2nd dog I've ever lost to a vehicle.

I am absolutely sick over this. Cutie Pie was a very unique dog in color, ability, & personality. At 15 months she would lead the pack at times & really had the hunt you dream of. I know beyond any doubt she was headed to be a super star.

I had big plans for her in the future for breeding, etc but now it's all gone. I take great pride in my dogs doing well & Cutie Pie always made me proud. I had the pleasure of hunting her several times this past season & she had a lot of rabbits shot over her including trips to the MS delta & Louisiana where she showed out by jumping several rabbits, getting several checks, & led the pack several times when they crossed. She was extremely impressive at 14 months old doing all of this with dogs that were 2-6 years old.

What a shame to loose such a great young dog. Cutie Pie was all business in the field but in the kennel she was as loving as any house pet. I think I could have let her sleep with me & she would have been even more happy. She always jumped up on the barrel to give a kiss & was like family to me.

This is the only down side to owning hunting dogs like this because it breaks your heart when they're gone. I'm totally not myself today & will be awhile getting over this tremendous loss but I will keep on going & I'll just have to produce me another one but Cutie Pie will always be remembered for the pleasure she provided me during her short life. I just wish this was a bad dream & not reality. 

I can't help but think about this: When I die one day will I affect anyone as much as these dogs affect me when I loose one? 

Dogs seem to love always, forgive quickly, & give their all for us. I need to be more like that each day.


R.I.P. girl! You were everything I wanted & more. I miss you so much.       © Beagles On Fire 2012