Running Dogs Around Deer


Running Dogs Around Deer

Some folks shy away from dropping their dogs off where they see deer because they are afraid that the dogs will run the deer instead of leaving the deer alone. I am over run with deer on the farms where I run my dogs. As a matter of fact, most places any more are overpopulated with deer so what is the solution?

Since we can't change the deer problem, I think the only option is to train the dogs that they are only allowed to run rabbits not deer. I feel that this can be accomplished with the use of shock collars & great, true, & honest finished dogs. In my opinion the main ingredient needed is the finished "tell on em" dog. 

Young dogs learn both good & bad habits from the older dogs so simply put: If the young dogs aren't taught to run deer by the older dogs & are shocked pretty hard at an early age if they do run a deer, I have found that they will leave the deer alone & realize that rabbits are what they are after. 

I drop my dogs out on top of deer every chance that presents itself to assure me that the dogs are going to do the right thing. My confidence in my dogs grows stronger with each time they turn down a hot deer track. I'm not scared then to run anywhere.

Here's footage of  my dogs around a deer earlier this month:

(Sorry it's in 2 parts but youtube won't allow it to be over 10 minutes long) 

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