Cutie Pie

Sad Day Today 3/17/13


It is with a heavy heart that I write this sad news. I lost a great dog this morning after watching her show out yesterday running some rabbits. Cutie Pie got away from me yesterday & was hit by a car. I wasn't running near a road. It was just a very unfortunate event. I've been running dogs for over 12 years now & this is only the 2nd dog I've ever lost to a vehicle.

I am absolutely sick over this. Cutie Pie was a very unique dog in color, ability, & personality. At 15 months she would lead the pack at times & really had the hunt you dream of. I know beyond any doubt she was headed to be a super star.

I had big plans for her in the future for breeding, etc but now it's all gone. I take great pride in my dogs doing well & Cutie Pie always made me proud. I had the pleasure of hunting her several times this past season & she had a lot of rabbits shot over her including trips to the MS delta & Louisiana where she showed out by jumping several rabbits, getting several checks, & led the pack several times when they crossed. She was extremely impressive at 14 months old doing all of this with dogs that were 2-6 years old.

What a shame to loose such a great young dog. Cutie Pie was all business in the field but in the kennel she was as loving as any house pet. I think I could have let her sleep with me & she would have been even more happy. She always jumped up on the barrel to give a kiss & was like family to me.

This is the only down side to owning hunting dogs like this because it breaks your heart when they're gone. I'm totally not myself today & will be awhile getting over this tremendous loss but I will keep on going & I'll just have to produce me another one but Cutie Pie will always be remembered for the pleasure she provided me during her short life. I just wish this was a bad dream & not reality. 

I can't help but think about this: When I die one day will I affect anyone as much as these dogs affect me when I loose one? 

Dogs seem to love always, forgive quickly, & give their all for us. I need to be more like that each day.


R.I.P. girl! You were everything I wanted & more. I miss you so much.

Sandy & Jane Pups @ 8 Weeks Old

Sandy & Jane Pups @ 8 Weeks Old


Brownie's Pups at 8 & 9 Weeks Old


Click on the pic to view video footage of these pups chasing rabbits.

Brownie's pups are very excited to see their first rabbit. This is footage of the first few rabbits I have shown them. These will be some awesome rabbit dogs when grown.

Running Dogs Around Deer


Running Dogs Around Deer

Some folks shy away from dropping their dogs off where they see deer because they are afraid that the dogs will run the deer instead of leaving the deer alone. I am over run with deer on the farms where I run my dogs. As a matter of fact, most places any more are overpopulated with deer so what is the solution?

Since we can't change the deer problem, I think the only option is to train the dogs that they are only allowed to run rabbits not deer. I feel that this can be accomplished with the use of shock collars & great, true, & honest finished dogs. In my opinion the main ingredient needed is the finished "tell on em" dog. 

Young dogs learn both good & bad habits from the older dogs so simply put: If the young dogs aren't taught to run deer by the older dogs & are shocked pretty hard at an early age if they do run a deer, I have found that they will leave the deer alone & realize that rabbits are what they are after. 

I drop my dogs out on top of deer every chance that presents itself to assure me that the dogs are going to do the right thing. My confidence in my dogs grows stronger with each time they turn down a hot deer track. I'm not scared then to run anywhere.

Here's footage of  my dogs around a deer earlier this month:

(Sorry it's in 2 parts but youtube won't allow it to be over 10 minutes long) 

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Running  Young Dogs June 2012 Part 1

Running  Young Dogs June 2012 Part 2

Peyton & Hottie's Pups at 12 Weeks Old


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